10 Must-Follow Basic Vastu Tips for Home

10 important DOs of Vaasthu

Here are the most important dos of Vaastu that when adhered to will surely bring in good luck and prosperity!

  1. Make sure the plot used to build a house is square, rectangular, circle, or oval-shaped.
  2. Place the bed in such a way that your head points in any direction, except north.
  3. Let your kitchen face east. Simple commonsense shows that this means more light and brightness.
  4. Have more windows facing east and North than those facing West and South.
  5. Again, leave more open space (if it is an independent house with a compound wall) in the East and North.
  6. Place your kitchen in the South-east and the bedroom to the West or South West.
  7. Place your pooja room to the North-east
  8. Have your water (pipelines) flow from South to North or from West to East.
  9. Place your safe or cash box in the North.
  10. Let your children have their bedrooms in the North and East zones of your house

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