Vastu Remedy: Running horse will make your life run

You work hard for profit in business, but sometimes things doesn’t go as planned. There are some ways in Vastu Shastra that bring you progress in business as well as live happiness and peace in the family. Vastu states that running horses are a symbol of energy, strength and progress. These are indicators of success in career and especially white horses are considered to be the bearers of positive energy. To remove the negative energy from home and office, it is good to have a photograph of seven white horses running together to increase positive energy.

For profit in business

Put a picture of horses running in the south direction of the office in order to grow and always be energetic. When employees or owners working in the office repeatedly keep an eye on them, it has a positive effect on their functioning. They are also helpful in providing success by speeding up your work. Remember that the horses should face the office. Wherever you are putting a statue or picture of a running horse, be sure that the horses, in the picture, are not tied. You can keep a running horse statue made of copper, brass or silver in the shop to get benefits in trade.

For arrival of money

To keep the money coming, put a picture of horses coming inside the house on the southern wall of the lobby of the house. By putting a picture of horses in the house, money related problems will start to get away. While buying the picture, make sure that the horses face in happy posture, they should not be angry.

Love will remain

For mutual coordination and love between the members of the house, it would be auspicious to put a picture of horses running together in the drawing room of the house. If there is bitterness in the relationship between husband and wife, or there is less love in both, then it would be beneficial to have a metal horse in the bedroom. This enhances the feeling of love, cooperation and communion.

No debt

If you are troubled by the problem of debt, then you can also keep a statue of a pair of horses in the northwest direction of the house. Keep in mind that never keep a broken-and-blurry picture in the house, also do not keep the ones in which the horses are going in different direction

Vikas Jindal

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