Mars in tenth house

Having Mars in the 10th house gives a life orientated towards personal success and achievements in one’s career. Nevertheless, it by no means grants success by itself. Mars as a personal planet shows the direction towards which effort is being made; it is the aspects with other planets that shows whether success is to be reached or the efforts will be mostly vain. The condition of generational planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and their aspects to Mars have a big role, for they are the ones opening the gates to successful recognition from the masses.

Mars in the 10th house drives the native to fight and struggle for respect through all of his life. This, along with the martial characteristics of the planet, can guide someone to choose a military career. Indeed, this placement can make a native strive to recognition through raising his rank, which can also appear to many people that have Aries on the cusp of their 10th house and important celestial bodies inside. If Mars is not well-aspected, it can bring disputes with other military staff and unhealthy competition. One should be very careful not to indulge in behind-the-scenes activities in his working place, as there is a high possibility of being discovered and disgraced.

Positive Impact:

When the natives have Mars in the 10th house, they are likely to be quite ambitious and determined in nature. They are like a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm. They possess strong leadership qualities and can be very action-oriented. The tendency to take initiatives comes naturally to these individuals. They work very hard to maintain a better image at work and seek recognition therein.

The natives of Mars in 10th house may have good abilities to organise events and other requirements. However, they should not let these characteristics become a sort of obsession. People around them should respect their independence and their focused approach. These natives are quite task-oriented. If they can manage their time well, they can be at their best and most effective. In relationships, the natives of Mars in the tenth house take the lead when it comes to organising events.

Negative Impact:

Mars in the tenth house astrology states that when others try to get in the way of natives, they ignore these people and continue to tread their path. Their bosses will appreciate the natives. They will be seen as people who get the job done very fast and effectively. However, the natives’ colleagues will see them as very cold and calculative in their approach. The negative aspect of Mars may become all the more pronounced when Mars is debilitated in 10th house.

These natives are good at heart but their apparent behaviour may not be seen positively by some. It may cause problems to these natives as their professional growth is likely to be restricted as they may get seniors and colleagues who may not let them rise.

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