Mars in eleventh house

The native usually strives to form groups so that he achieves his personal goals, and enlarges his cycle frequently without caring to nurture previous friendships. His approach towards obtaining new friends is rather aggressive and competitive, often battling with them on Alpha Male roles. He might join sports organizations or military-centered clubs, seek friends through hobbies that involve physical activity or that have something to do with weapons. When natal Mars has a difficult aspect (square, opposition and sometimes conjunction) with Jupiter, the amount of friends and acquaintances tends to get out of control, creating problems of sentimental instability to the native. Everyone seems to be a friend, but the real ones are either none or just a few. Even in the latter, he most probably does not recognize them, as he mostly dedicates time to the most physically active friends than to the ones who have him more dearly in their hearts.

Generally, people with Mars in the 11th house are very passionate, searching for active people as friends and trying to dedicate a lot of time in activities that involve some type of movement. They get bored quite easily, and if the friend does not have the spark of action inside him, they quite easily abandon him. They are definitely not submissive types, which actually makes a lot of friendships pass awkward phases of competitiveness, as they are not attracted to passive types of people. There exist frequent power games with friends, and being the center of the group really matters to them. They can only allow people that they genuinely admire, to be center of their groups instead of them. If they do not like the person that is at the center of the group, they either leave or try to gain their position, sometimes using mischievous means to obtain it.

Positive Impact:

Natives having Mars in 11th house are very goal-oriented and spend a lot of time setting all kinds of goals for themselves. They will give their best to fulfil their dreams and can work well in teams. This favourable trait promotes them to become successful by achieving big goals.

The combination of Mars and 11th house makes the native competent and courageous. This placement influences them to develop friendships in which they will always want to compete. They like to be with the people who would rather compete with them than give orders.

Negative Impact:

Natives with Mars in the 11th house connect easily but are superficial. At times, they become judgemental and hardly put effort into verifying the information.

Mars in the 11th house of the birth chart may make the native intolerant and narrow-minded. They are unwilling to consider new ideas or other people’s opinions. It also indicates being selfish, violent, and aggressive while pursuing goals.

It might be challenging to predict the natives with Mars in the 11th house. They tend to be very unpredictable, when you think you are starting to know them, they do something that completely surprises you.

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