Karkadeswarar Temple

Karkadeswarar Temple is a remedial temple where you can find relief from the ill effects caused by the nine planets and other celestial objects. This temple is located in Thanjavur, Tamilnadu. Locals call this temple Nandu Kovil or Nandaan Kovil.

Karkadeswarar Temple History

Not much information is available about the temple’s history. However, kings of the Chola Dynasty constructed and maintained this temple. Later, Kulothunga Chola I (1075 – 1120 AD) renovated it as a stone temple. Further, the Tamil Saivite Saint Sambandar has praised this temple in a song. It is one of the Padal Petra Sthalam (a temple that has a song composed on it by one of the Saivite saints or Nayanmars).

This temple, neglected for centuries, saw renovations by the locals a few years ago.

Legends Of Karkadeswarar Temple at Thiruthevankudi

The Story of the Crab

Sage Durvasa once cursed a disrespectful Gandharva to become a crab. As a remedy, he told the crab to worship Lord Shiva. So the crab came to this temple, worshipped Lord Shiva, and was absolved of the curse.

Indra, The King of God, And His Penance

Meanwhile, Indra, the King of the Devas began worshipping Shiva with 1008 lotus flowers each day. He saw a crab taking one of the flowers and tried to kill it. However, the crab, with the blessing of Lord Shiva, burrowed a hole in the Linga and escaped. Indra then realized that before God all creatures are equal. As this Deva repented for his mistakes and mended his ways (thirundhu – reform), this place got the name Thirunthudevankudi. The Shiva Lingam still has the hole made by the crab.

The Chola King

Once, an aged couple miraculously cured a Chola King of Paralysis. The old couple then brought the king to this region and revealed the ancient Shivalinga to him. They asked him to build a temple here, which he did at once.

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