Techniques of Vastu Shastra | Vastu Shastra Tips

Everything from Vastu to modern astrology is now being updated and being verified through research methods. In fact, a huge amount of data is collected to make Vastu a verifiable subject on the basis of evidence and proof. Moreover, after a generation of study and research, some eminent Vastu Shastris have developed techniques to solve Vastu faults in residences and offices. In this article, I will introduce you to some of these techniques.

Techniques of Vastu Shastra

  • Element Balancer: Zone Balancing System – Copper, Zinc, Lead, Silver, and brass are metals in either raw form or the particular shapes that help in balancing the five elements in every zone.
  • Energy Pollution clearance & neutralizer: It removes the negative aura inside and outside your house.
  • Space purification: Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, Ganges water, coconut oil in a bowl to purify your home. In fact, before any technique implementation, experts purify your house.
  • Energy Shield: Geopathic pyramids, crystal antenna, and rock harmonizer take care of harmful energies that earth lines, water veins, cell phone towers release into your surroundings. More than 25 countries are using Geopathic stress neutralizer rods to remove negative energy from a house.
  • Energizing with Symbols: Symbols of Swastik, Om Swastik Shiva Trishul Metal Trishakti, Laxmi release positive vibes. Besides, you can place Shree Yantra and other yantras at your place for divine blessings.
  • Power spot: Besides, crystal grids like Honey Bee or Mandal crystal Grids, you can use pyramid grids like Brahma Pyramid Grid on a wooden plate, Green Aventurine Pyramid, Crystal pyramids, Pyramid Navgrah, etc., to identify the power spot in a place.
  • Energizing with Pictures & paintings: Paintings consisting of five elements bring zonal balance.
  • Power Prayers: Prayers are the most traditional means to use subconscious power. In addition, you can use the meditational grid in the prayer room.
  • Energy Partitions: Vastu Pyramid dividers are used to create virtual partitions. These are available in copper, brass, or lead. In fact, energy partitions provide simple virtual corrections without making any demolition in the house.
  • Pyramid Antenna: The tip of the pyramid acts as an antenna & harnesses cosmic energy. You can use the type of pyramid, of metal, wood, and crystals according to your requirement.
  • Space Empowering techniques: Mirror cladding, stone cladding or metal cladding maximizes the space potentials. You can also use objects, statues, idols, etc. to bring prosperity & more success.
  • Green Zone: Plants like Bamboo, money plants, peonies, Tulsi, and orchids should be planted at home. Plants bring life force to any building. Tree & plants may impact positively or negatively based direction of their location. Place money plant in the southeast direction, tulsi in east or northeast direction. You can also use paintings of plants.
  • Marma Audit: Marma points are mystic points located inside your space. They act as a passage between universal forces and your living space. Rather, on activating them great energy flows from out.

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