Which Are The Top 3 Worst Zodiac Signs?

Here are the Three Worst Zodiac Signs:


You might have seen this coming. How many articles on the web have u seen trying to elbow Aries to worsts of worsts on the scaffold? We mean, Aries never fails to take the crown of the list when it comes to Zodiac’s Worst and it’s only rational. The sloppy sign is a fire sign, so one thing is well-established that they can get quite hot under the collar and can be super stubborn. And they are also not the ones to relinquish which can make them pretty confrontational and argumentative, which ultimately makes them come off as irksome.

Aries, if they believe something firmly, can be irrationally obstinate, and resolving serious altercations with them can be seriously arduous. Aries can frequently be demanding, aggressive, and judgmental all over the place, and who wants that?


Gemini also smooths its way into the list. These folks, when committed to anything, act like everyone’s entire lives revolve around their decision, and they will not take criticism regarding that. And just a side note, Donald Trump is Gemini. Everyone’s got a slight reasonable or unreasonable dislike or hatred against Geminis as they have a reputation for being two-faced. People with the air sign aren’t afraid of voicing their strong opinion and can show a robust selfish disposition.


The water sign, Scorpio, is also categorized as a low-scorer on the charts of the Astrological sun sign. Although one could argue that Scorpios are intricately passionate and amazing, they can be overly emotional, jealous, and lack empathy. Not to mention the underlying pettiness.

They are also known to be sex lunatics. But on the other hand, they are the toughest nuts to crack; they’re the kind of people you are most likely to find in the corner of the room in a party with a glass of fancy wine, wearing dark, mysterious black and ready to talk about death, hell or the underworld.

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