Makar Sankranti 2022: Impact On All Zodiac Signs

Makar Sankranti is considered to be an auspicious event for India which is celebrated and known in various ways and names in different parts of the country respectively. The main purpose of this festival is to give different kinds of donations to needy persons and worship Lord Sun. When the Sun transits in Capricorn, the day is known as Makar Sankranti. Generally, this festival is celebrated on January 14.

Significance of Donation on Makar Sankranti

Why is a donation to Makar Sankranti considered to be auspicious? The reason being is that Saturn is the ruling of Capricorn who considers Lord Sun as his enemy whereas the Sun has no such feelings. Saturn is affected by the entrance of Lord Sun in Capricorn which directly impacts the lives of common people.

Those natives who have the blessings of Lord Saturn are less impacted by this transit. On the other hand, those who have weak Saturn in their horoscope are badly affected by it.

Saturn is the significator of poor and labor class and therefore, donating items related to Saturn and Sun such as jaggery, Revdi, Khichdi, Bajra, groundnut, clothes, and blanket, etc. is considered to be highly rewarding. Over and above all these items, Khichdi holds special importance as it is prepared with Bajra, Moong, Urad, and Rice.

Makar Sankranti 2022: Impact On All Zodiac Signs

Aries: This Sankranti is going to bring a graceful period for you. There are probable chances of progress at your workplace.

Taurus: Makar Sankranti is going to be auspicious for you. Participation in religious activities will make you extraordinarily fortunate.

Gemini: So far health is concerned, this Sankranti is bringing many challenges. Your health may decline so, be cautious about it.

Cancer: Those who are engaged in business are likely to gain huge profits in business. The partnership will prove profitable for you.

Leo: These natives should be careful as this Sankranti may not favor them. Some bickering may develop in the family or with neighbors.

Virgo: Makar Sankranti is going to be very pleasant for them. Romantic life will be at its best. The students are likely to be benefitted from this Sankranti.

Libra: Some confusion is likely to be there in the friend circle and there are chances of being blessed with certain good news.

Scorpio: This Sankranti is going to be auspicious for this zodiac sign. The transit of the Sun will help you earn name and fame.

Sagittarius: A favorable message is awaited for the natives of this sign and financially, you will be strong. Over and above, new projects will also come up in your way.

Capricorn: Popularity in work will advance and stuck works will be completed.

Aquarius: This Sankranti is not to be highly beneficial for people with this zodiac sign. You may suffer financial losses during this period. You are advised to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Pisces: The natives bearing this zodiac sign will get good results. You are likely to be promoted in your service.

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