Masani Amman Temple

India has many temples dedicated to the innumerable forms of Shakti. One famous temple in Tamilnadu is the Masani Amman Temple, Pollachi. This temple is in the verdant surroundings of Pollachi. People flock to this temple to get justice for the wrongdoings meted out to them. The temple is also known as the Arulmigu Masani Amman Temple or Anaimalai Masani Amman Temple

This temple is set against the backdrop of the Annamalai hills which accounts for the name Anaimalai Masani Amman. It is in the Coimbatore district and is also about 24 kilometers from Pollachi. The temple is located at the confluence of the Anamalai Upper Stream and the Aliyar River.

The Deity

The deity at this temple is in a lying-down posture. The huge idol that measures 15 feet from head to foot. The idol has four hands. Two hands are on the ground. They hold a trident and a drum. The raised hands hold a snake as well as a skull.

This temple also has another deity called the Neithi Kal. This is the deity of justice. There is also a shrine to Mahamuniappan. The deity at this temple supports justice. Even there are no legal or other remedies for their troubles people flock here. The Deity brings about justice to her devotees.

Legend Of The Temple

The legend of the temple speaks of ancient times. The region was called Nannur. A king Nannuran ruled the place. He was a very unfair and unjust ruler. He had a mango farm on the banks of the Aliyar river that he was very fond of. Of those trees, one mango tree was his favorite. None were allowed to eat from it. People eating the fruit of this tree were severely punished.

One version of the story says that a girl saw a mango from this tree floating in the river. She ate it. Nannuran sentenced her to death for eating the fruit. Another version of the story states that a woman ate the fruit not being aware of the rules. Nannuran sentenced her to death. The subjects of Nannuran rebelled and killed him in a battle near a place called Vijayamangalam. They then made a deity to worship the girl/lady who sacrificed her life. The alternative version states that the female statue was made from the sand atop the grave of the girl who was killed by Nannuran. The deity was Shamsani which means graveyard. This is the root of the present-day name of Masani Amman.

Another explanation for the name is that the deity is in the graveyard or Mayanam and since she is in a reclining pose it is also Sayanam. So, her name is Mayanam Sayani. The large elephant population of the area has given it the name of Anamalai. Anai means elephant and Malai means mountain.

Lord Rama’s Visit

The legends of the temple also stated that Lord Rama stopped at the temple to meditate when he was looking for Sita. One legend also says that Lord Rama stayed in a graveyard at Anamalai. He created the idol of a goddess to worship. In return, Masaniamman also blessed him that he would triumph over evil and get Sita back.

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