Why you should fast on Tuesday?|Benefits of fasting on Tuesdays

Tuesdays are dedicated to the 4th planet from the Sun, Mars. Tuesday is called MangalVaar in Hindi where Mangal means Mars, Martes in Spanish where Marte means Mars, Martis in Latin where Martis also means Mars, Kayobi in Japanese where Kasei means Mars, and so forth.

In different religions like Hinduism, Greek Gods, ancient Roman culture, etc, most of them regarded Mars as the God of War. Lord Kartikeya is the Hindu God of War, Ares as the Greek God of War.

Observing Vrat, Fasting on Tuesday is considered very auspicious. The main purpose of the fast is to bring about favorability or auspiciousness of Mars. The Tuesday fast is considered important especially for those natives who have a malefic or weak Mars in their respective birth charts, Janam Kundli. It is to mitigate any ill-effects of Mars, such as miseries, ill-fate, furiousness in behavior, fiery attitude, etc. Keeping the Tuesday Fast is said to bring well-being, cooling of the mind, courage, increase in honor-respect, prosperity, success, wealth, good health, children, etc.

In Astrology, Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. Mars rules birth chart houses 1 and 9. Mars is associated with words like passion, aggression, anger, assertiveness, strong desire, instincts, etc.

The Basics of Tuesday Fast

The natives observing the Tuesday Fast wake up early in the morning of Tuesdays. Many bathe with the Ganges river water. They clean and tidy their homes and surrounding areas. Thereafter they perform a prayer, Puja. Picture or idol of Lord Hanuman is placed normally in the north-east direction, in the prayer area, with some flowers or flower petals. Incense sticks are lit. Some sweets like Ladoos are kept in the prayer area and distributed after the prayers. Consumption of alcohol and non-vegetarian is avoided on the day of Tuesday Fasting. If possible wear red colored clothes or carry a red handkerchief.

A Mantra for Mars: Om Bhaumaya Namah (ॐ भौमाय नमः)

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