Why is Shiva called ‘Bholenath’?

Lord Shiva has many names. He is often referred to as ‘Bholenath’, translated as the Lord (Nath) of simplicity (Bhole). The word ‘bhole’ in Hindi means down to earth and innocent. He is easy to please and showers his blessings on his devotees without any complex rituals. He gets easily pleased with simple puja, a Kalash of water and bael leaves. The great tapasvi is also the God of Destruction and hence many people fear him. He is the one who wanders in graveyards, has his body smeared with ashes and has ghosts to accompany him. He is still childlike without any ego and arrogance.

Shiva is not called Bhole nath for nothing. Bhole means Innocent and Nath means king. So he’s the primary amongst the innocents or the king of innocents. Well at first sight shiva looks like a great tapasvi which he is. A lot of people more than reverance and love, fear Shiva, as he’s often taken to be the God of Destruction etc etc Then this funny name for such as man who wanders in graveyards and rubs his body with ashes and has ghouls & ghosts for company. For such a man how can the name bholenath fit in. But it does, as it’s said none in the world is more innocent than the lord, He’s childlike with no sense of malice or cunningness, no sense of ego & no sense of power or arrogance. Hence BHOLENATH.

The story of Bhasmasura

Once there was an asura (demon) named ‘Bhasmasura’ who did intense penance and chanted Shiva’s name for thousands of years. Shiva gets impressed with him and asks him to pray for any boon and he will fulfil it. Bhasmasura asks that whatsoever he touches should be burned to ashes, Lord grants him the boon within even thinking twice. Now the asura wants to test the effect on Shiva himself. Lord Vishnu witnesses the unfortunate turn of events and turns himself into a beautiful woman named ‘Mohini’ and charms Bhasmasura by dancing. The asura is so impressed by Mohini that he asks her to marry him. She agrees on one condition that he should dance with her. In the course of the dance, Mohini places her hand on her head and so does Bhasmasura, turning himself to ashes.

Shiv is called bholenath because it’s very easy 2 impress and please him.He gets pleased wid ppl who do lot of hard work and hard tapasya,whether it’s a human being or a rakshas.And whatever boon dey ask,he gives dem.Dat’s why he is called bholenath. Look at tarakasur’s example, He did kathor tapasya.Lord Shiva was impressed wid him and when he asked him da boon dat only shiva’s son can kill him, without thinking anything, he gave him the boon.

Lord shiva is a paramyogi, guru of all yogis. He is innocent and vulnerable like a child. His innocence is most amazing,even crooks who worship him devotedly can fulfill their wish. Besides Shiva is devoid of wealth, he has given the entire wealth to parvati and he enjoys eternal meditation. He is a father figure to all yogis and rishis, munis so he is known as baba(father) and for his vulnerability,innocence and profound charity (giving the entire wealth to prakriti), he is known as bolenath.

Bhola means the person who keeps on forgetting and Nath means king. Therefore “Bholenath” means king of forgetful persons. This nickname is given to him as Lord Shiva does not understand any politics. He does work on his own will. Never ever takes order from anyone. And also he always forget what Parvati (his wife) asked him to do or not to do. These are the reason we call him BHOLENATH.

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