What Is A Sutak Kaal?

Solar Eclipse is considered to be an inauspicious event according to Sanatan Dharma. In such a situation, it is prohibited to perform several tasks for a certain time period before and after the Solar Eclipse begins and ends respectively. It is believed that during this period, the harmful effect of the Solar Eclipse remains influential. This period is called the Sutak Kaal. According to the Hindu Panchang or Calendar, the Sutak Kaal begins four phases or Pehar before the Solar Eclipse. Since there are eight phases of Pehar in a day, the duration of the Sutak Kaal remains for approx 12 hours when a Solar Eclipse occurs.

Prohibited Acts During Sutak Period

Carrying out or performing some acts during the Sutak Period has been considered completely prohibited in Sanatana Dharma. During this time, the natives should not initiate any kind of auspicious task or work. During this period, the natives should avoid eating or cooking food. Staying out of the house is also prohibited during this time. During the Sutak period, the natives should also not sleep. Also, during this time, one should avoid touching the idol of God or the Tulsi plant. Urinating or defecating is also considered taboo during this period.

In such a situation, it has also become necessary for you to know what are the tasks that you can perform during the Sutak Period. Let us now give you quick information about those activities which are not considered taboo during the Sutak period.

Things To Perform During Sutak Kaal

Not every task or activity is considered taboo or forbidden during the Sutak Kaal, but there are also some things that can be performed during the period. During the period of Sutak Kaal, the natives are allowed to venerate the Lord, perform Bhajans and invoke Him. Chanting the Surya Beej Mantra during the Solar Eclipse is also considered to be fruitful. If you had kept some food outside before the commencement of the Solar Eclipse as well as its Sutak Kaal, then you must cover it after adding some Tulsi leaves in it.

Especially pregnant women are required to take special precautions during the Sutak Kaal. During this period, pregnant women must avoid using any kind of sharp objects such as knives or nails, or else their unborn baby’s organs may get damaged. Neither they must witness the Eclipse nor exit the house. Keep the windows and doors of the house well closed and protect yourself from the light of Solar Eclipse.

What To Do After Solar Eclipse Ends?

After the completion of the occurrence of the Solar Eclipse, clean your house with water mixed with Gangajal. Sprinkle Gangajal on the idol of Gods and Goddesses and also on the Tulsi plant. Take a bath after the Solar Eclipse comes to an end. If possible, bathe in a holy river or reservoir. During this, either donate the clothes worn at the time of the Eclipse or purify them by sprinkling Gangajal on them. After the Solar Eclipse ends, offering Donations and Dakshina also hold special significance. In such a situation, offer food to needy people and offer them donations. Prepare fresh food after the end of the Solar Eclipse.

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