Venus in fifth house

When a native has his Venus in the 5th house, his character is playful, joyous and romantic. This placement gives popularity among friends and a strong love towards children. These people usually start their love life earlier than the average, and will feel strong loves even in their childhood and their teenage years. They always are in some kind of affair; Venus in the 5th house does not let someone without a crush or even a horde of fans. They have a magnetic power upon others, and people can easily and quickly become attracted to them. Of course, such an immense power can be used for manipulation which will probably even be misused if Venus has an adverse aspect with Mars or with Pluto.

In case that Venus is adversely aspected, there are many possibilities of simultaneous affairs and general promiscuity. Nevertheless, even with this aspect, the native will quite enjoy his love life and maybe even consciously choose to have more than one partner at the same time. Other people see in them the ideal date, and will frequently fall in love with them. On the other hand, a 5th house Venus person will break a lot of hearts during his life. This is quite natural, both due to the big amount of admirers and the butterfly like character of the native.

The 5th house rules casual sex, and Venus will bring quite a lot of it. The native will simply love his sexual life, while their bed experiences have a theatrical and dramatic touch. These natives are pleasure seekers and will not get satisfied with vanilla situations. For them, passion and hedonism are necessary ingredients of their intimacy; sex is their favorite game and they can even have a childish approach towards it.

Positive Impact:

In the lives of Venus in the fifth house natives, an interest in romantic connections may have started young. Playful, sensual, and amorous, they are simply in love with love! They thrive and flourish on romantic attention and it is very easy and natural for them to have a crush or romantic interest. There is a romantic, playful side to them, it is surely there. It keeps them young at heart.

The natives of Venus in the fifth house love the spotlight and are really good at entertaining, always drawing a large audience in for their next “performance.” People often want them at their party to increase the fun and make things interesting and exciting. The highest pleasure for Venus in the 5th house personality is planning an event for their loved ones or even just a romantic night in town with their significant other. Also, they are highly generous and may come up with grand schemes. You, as a native with Venus in your fifth house are like a flow that can put a dramatic flair into almost everything.

Negative Impact:

The only thing that can get in the way of a happy union for the Venus in the 5th house person is their ego. This may happen if Venus is debilitated in the 5th house. While they love people with their heart and soul, they also love themselves much more and can be very demanding of people’s attention. They should ensure that they do not overwhelm their partner with expectations. The natives of Venus in the the 5th house should understand that the world doesn’t revolve around them only. Others can not give them all the focus all the time and everywhere.

Because the natives of Venus in fifth house are so eye-catching, they often have a large social circle and they enjoy dating different kinds of people. This may mean they have trouble settling down right away because they want to have fun for a while. But as they get older, they will learn what works and what doesn’t, and their ideal romantic partner will reveal himself/herself.

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