Things you must avoid doing on each day of the week

As per the Hindu Panchang, all seven days of the week are dedicated to a particular god or planet. This is the reason why each day of the week has its special significance. As such, many tasks are considered to be prohibited to be performed on particular days of the week. In this blog, we are going to tell you about the things that people should refrain from doing on each of the seven days of the week.

On Sunday
Sunday is dedicated to Lord Surya. Lord Surya has the status of the king of all planets in Vedic astrology. In the horoscope of a man, it is considered as the factor of father, and in the horoscope of woman, it is considered as the factor of husband. As such, male natives should not quarrel with their father on Sunday, and women should not fight or humiliate their husbands. Wearing black clothes on Sunday is also considered taboo. On this day, do not pluck Tulsi leaves even by mistake and do not give water to the Tulsi plant, otherwise, you will be considered a sinner. Sleeping till late on Sunday is also considered wrong.

On Monday
Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Moon. One should not start a job on this day, otherwise, the person loses their job soon, or they may have to confront challenges at the workspace. Traveling in east and north directions on Monday is also said to be prohibited. On this day, sleeping in the afternoon makes the Moon-god angry. Let us tell you that in the horoscope of any person, the Moon is considered to be the significator of mother, so on this day one should not fight or insult their mother.

On Tuesday
Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and Mangal Devta. In the horoscope, Mars is considered to be the factor of courage, might, and siblings. Owing to this, on Tuesday, maintain a better relationship with the elder brother, and do not insult or quarrel with him. Do not borrow or lend to anyone on Tuesday, otherwise, there is a financial loss. Cutting the beard, hair, and nails is also considered taboo to this day. Fighting legal battles and cases in the court should also be avoided on Tuesday.

On Wednesday
Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and Budha Devta. Both these gods are considered to be the givers of wisdom. Mercury is considered to be the significator of communication and business etc. in the horoscope of any person. As such, giving and taking loans on Wednesday should also be avoided. Starting a job on Wednesday brings instability in financial life and career. If you are fond of Paan, it would be better for you to shun your hobby on Wednesday. It is forbidden to eat Paan on Wednesdays. Apart from this, insulting a girl or eunuch on Wednesday weakens the position of Mercury in the horoscope.

On Thursday
Thursday is dedicated to Lord Brihaspati and Lord Sri Hari Vishnu. Jupiter is considered to be the benefactor of education, teacher, spirituality, etc. in the horoscope of any person. Cutting nails and shaving off the beard on Thursday is considered taboo. Apart from this, one should not insult the teacher and the elders of the house on this day. Traveling in the south direction is also prohibited on this day. There is also a ban on sending the married daughter away from home on this day. Women should not wash their hair on Thursday. Consuming meat, liquor, and cleaning spider webs on Thursday also gives negative results to the natives.

On Friday
Friday is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and Shukra. Venus is considered to be the benefactor of material happiness and married life in the horoscope of any person. This is the reason why husband and wife should not quarrel with each other on Friday. Apart from this, no blind person should be insulted on this very day. Avoid donating sugar and silver on this day. Also, one should not insult a girl on this day, otherwise, the position of Venus in the horoscope weakens.

On Saturday
Saturday is dedicated to Lord Shani. Saturn is considered to be the significator of suffering, grief, etc. in the horoscope of any person. Buying scissors, urad dal, iron, etc., is prohibited on Saturday. People should not travel in the East and North direction on this day. Shani Devta is also considered the god of justice. He immediately punishes the natives for their mistakes. In such a situation, one should not insult or make fun of any helpless, poor or weak on Saturday.

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