Special Remedies On Phalgun Month

If you are easily irritated and agitated, worship Lord Krishna during this month and offer him Abir/Gulal.
If you suffer from depression, take a daily bath with scented water and wear sandalwood scented perfume.
If you are prone to illness, worship Lord Shiva regularly throughout the month of Phalgun and offer him white sandalwood.
If you are facing financial difficulties, worship Goddess Lakshmi throughout the month and offer her rose flowers or rose scent.

Remedies To Strengthen The Moon In Your Horoscope In Phalgun Month

It is a Hindu belief that the Moon, or Chandra Dev, was born in the month of Phalgun. In such a case, adopting some specific actions during this month strengthens the Moon’s position in the horoscope. These are as follows:

  • If the Moon is weak in your horoscope or you are experiencing issues as a result of a weak Moon, donate white items during the month of Phalgun. White flowers, curd, white conch shell, sugar, rice, white sandalwood, white clothes, and other items can be donated. By doing so, the moon will be powerful in your horoscope and you will have favorable outcomes.
  • On the full Moon of the Phalgun month, you must pay a visit to Chandra Dev temple. After that, sit in the light of the Moon and clearly recite Chandra Dev’s Mantras. This practice will help you to strengthen the position of the Moon in the horoscope..
  • Aside from that, presenting water to the Shivling every day during the month of Phalgun increases the Moon’s position.
  • To receive the finest benefits from the Moon, worship Lord Shiva and fast every Monday during the month of Phalgun. This will bring you mental calm while also controlling your wrath.

Formation Of Malviya Yoga In Phalgun Month

Malviya Yoga is associated with the planet Venus in Vedic astrology. Venus will transit from Aquarius to its exalted sign of Pisces on February 15, 2023. Malviya Raja Yoga will form as Venus enters Pisces. Malviya Yoga is considered particularly auspicious in astrology because it is one of the five Mahapurush Yogas.

Now, which zodiac signs are most likely to profit greatly from the formation of this Yoga?

This Yoga was developed in Pisces, Jupiter’s sign, therefore Pisceans will get numerous benefits from it, such as career advancement. Aside from that, Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius will see many beneficial outcomes.

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