Solar Eclipse on 10 June 2021: These Zodiac Signs will see major changes in life

Astronomically when the Sun, Moon, and the Earth are aligned together in a single path and Moon’s Shadow covers the Earth, which blocks the Sunlight. This phenomenon is known as Solar Eclipse. As per astrology, when Moon and Sun are the same degrees, Moon covers the disc of the Sun partially or totally due to which the visibility of Sun from Earth is negligible or partial which is called Solar Eclipse. The Eclipse is caused when either of the Moon’s two nodes Rahu & Ketu intersects with the Sun and Moon. It occurs on New Moon Day.

The Eclipse will take place on Amavasya Tithi in Jyeshta month under Mrigashira Nakshatra in the zodiac sign Taurus. The natives belonging to the moon sign Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Cancer will experience the major results of this eclipse and may face some challenges in the upcoming year. Let us have an insight into the aftermath of Eclipse in these zodiac signs.


This eclipse will take place in the Lagna or rising sign of the natives belonging to the Taurus moon sign. You are likely to face some health concerns pertaining to some relapse of the diseases or allergy from any drug or chemical. Also, you may feel low in stamina and energy. Married individuals need to be cautious during this year as you may face some difference of opinion and fights with your spouse for unreasonable reasons. Avoid making investments in property or fixed assets in your name as you may fall into claws of deceptive dealing or disputed property.


The Eclipse will be witnessed in the eleventh house of the natives. You are advised to be cautious with the financial dealings as you may land up losing more than earning. You should avoid taking big risks or investing in speculative markets during this year. However, investing in foreign markets or brands will be beneficial. Those who have designs with the international market will comparatively have a better year financially. You may face disputes and fights with your siblings and friends during this year. Therefore, you need to be particular about your communication with them.


The Eclipse will be in the tenth house of Leo natives. Your parents, especially your father’s health may suffer during this year. You are advised to take good care of them and go for frequent routine checkups. Those who are looking forward to transfers may get lucky during this year. The studies you are focusing on government jobs may have to struggle hard as possibilities of getting through will be bleak. Your self-confidence will be low during this year. Also, you will be indecisive and will not be able to make any stable or firm decisions.


This eclipse will be highly effective for people having the Scorpio zodiac sign after Taurus. The reason being is that the Eclipse will be in their seventh house and all the four planets will directly aspect the Lagna or the rising sign. You may witness unproductive travels during this year. Also, you will be prone to lose your precious things. Besides this, you may face troubles in your married life due to the intervention of extended family or some third person.

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