Shrinatha Yoga

Shrinatha Yoga is among the rarest of all Raj Yogas. It confers wealth, fame, success and is also deemed to make one popular. This yoga resembles other Raj Yogas in its formation and possible outcomes but the yoga bestows upon the individual is usually variant and quite rare, as mentioned. It is believed that its primary reward is making the person extremely popular and ensuring the assistance of whomsoever in power, whether it be the King (as the writers of the Vedas imagined it) or the Government in the context of today’s nation-states.


According to these great old texts, the Shrinatha Yoga can be formed in two ways; one is through the conjunction of the 7th, 9th and 10th lords in the 10th house where it is through the exaltation of the 10th lord that the Shrinatha Yoga is performed. The other formation is where the 9th Lord is in the Quadrant or also known as the Trine with Venus and Mercury is positioned at its original sign, or a friendly sign leading to its exaltation and thus the performing of the Shrinatha Yoga.

It is believed that only people falling under Sagittarius Ascendant can have yoga but during September and October, with a rising of the Sun in Virgo Sign, there is the possibility of an amiable formation. Thus, keeping all these parameters in mind, such a yoga formation is extremely rare, and very few people in the world are able to successfully perform it. To trigger this yoga, one needs to stimulate the 7th house as well because the 7th lord happens to be the yoga-causing planet.


The Shrinatha Yoga assures one of finding rich partners in marriage, along with popularity unlike any other. Thus, those seeking quick material comforts must indulge in the zodiac and discover the alignment of their fate towards a possibility of being able to conduct this powerful, rare Shrinatha Yoga. There are many famous actors and actresses whose stars can be traced back to the Shrinatha Yoga alignment.

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