Separation Or Divorce Yoga In The Horoscope (Part 2)

Lately, divorces have become very common among married couples. A minor misunderstanding or a mistake leads to a divorce. It takes less time to get divorced than to get married. I have had clients who were together for years and got married. However, in less than a year of togetherness, they have divorced. Not just love marriages, I have clients with arranged marriages also applying for divorces. There could be numerous reasons to separate or divorce. But, as per astrology, let us see all separation and divorce yoga, which may lead to issues like these.

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Saturn and Separation/Divorce:
Saturn also plays a vital role in determining divorces in a married couple.
If Saturn associates with houses like the 1st or 7th house, it makes the native suspicious in nature. Also, he/she may tend to doubt his/her partner.
Saturn, when involved with marriage houses, may keep the person unsatisfied in the marital life. They would mostly think it could be better than what it is.
Planet Saturn is a very slow-moving planet. So, its effects are also very slow and last long. Couples influenced by Saturn in houses related to marriage, keep matters within themselves for a long time, and all of a sudden burst out at even small issues.
Saturn sometimes leads to divorce and sometimes might keep the couple separated from each other without an official divorce. It usually creates misunderstandings between the married couple and invites quarrels and conflicts between them.

Rahu and Separation/Divorce:
Rahu is called the planet of separation.
When connected with the 7th house and has a malefic aspect, Rahu created disturbances in married life.
If Rahu connects with the house of sex, the person tends to be non-satisfied with one person and wants multiple partners.
He or she cannot be in one relationship for long and will possess a flirty personality.

Ketu and Separation/Divorce:
There are different opinions when it comes to Ketu and separation. A few say that Ketu gives separation or divorce yoga. While, as per many astrologers, it gives objective to marriage and getting married only to have kids. Well, I have observed that both opinions are true.
Ketu is also called Vairagya karaka, which means he could destroy all materialistic things.
So, if Ketu is connected or present in the 7th house and is afflicted or aspected by a malefic planet, it gives resistance to leading a married life.
The person may not be concerned about their partner. If Ketu is in conjunction with Venus, the person will have secret relationships.
However, if Ketu is the influence of benefic planets like Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Moon, it will give good results.

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