Rudra Havan

Rudra havan is performed to please Lord Shiva who is the destroyer of death. Performing Shri Rudra havan cleans our previous birth bad karmas, any disorders and relieve us from accidents, very serious illness or untimely death. This havan is performed to achieve Jaya (victory) over Mrityu (death). Rudra havan significance is to get lord Shiva blessing to attain

Rudra havan Procedure involves performing Ganapathy pooja, Kalasha puja and chanting of Rudram and later the havan is performed as per shastras.

Different types of Rudra Havan are as follows:

  • Eka Rudra Havan
  • Ekadasa Rudra Havan
  • Rudra Ekadashini Havan
  • Maha Rudra Havan
  • Athi Rudra Havan

Rudra Havan is best when performed during the Janma Nakshatra of the person who is suffering or the person who is having the dosha in his/her horoscope.

Benefits of Rudra Havan:

  • Performed to removes fear of death.
  • Helps in overcoming illness and previous birth karma.
  • It gives good health and prosperity.
  • Provides relief from relationship troubles and lead a happy life.
  • Helps to attain success in life.

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