Religious and Scientific Significance Behind Solar Eclipse

The first Solar Eclipse of the year is going to occur in June. adding to it, the first Lunar Eclipse of the year 2021 has already taken place in the last month i.e. in May. Solar and Lunar Eclipse are considered inauspicious events in Sanatan Dharma. In such a situation, today we are going to reveal to you some important facts related to Solar Eclipse in this article.

Religious Significance Behind Solar Eclipse

According to mythological beliefs, Solar Eclipse is related to the event of Samudra Manthan or the Churning of the Ocean. According to this mythological legend, Lord Sun and Lord Moon had informed Lord Vishnu about the fact that among the Gods, an Asura named Swarbhanu had consumed the Nectar Of Immortality or Amrit by disguising himself as one of the Devtas. Hearing this, Lord Vishnu put an end to Swarbhanu’s life by separating his torso from his head with his Sudarshan Chakra.

Since Swarbhanu had consumed the Nectar Of Immortality or Amrit, he did not die. As a result, his head became Rahu and the torso became Ketu. It is believed that every year from this day onwards, these two shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu, try to attack the Sun, due to which Solar Eclipse takes place

Scientific Significance Behind Solar Eclipse

From a scientific point of view, Sun is located in the center of our solar system and all the planets revolve around it. There are satellites of planets orbiting the Sun, just like how the Moon is the satellite of the Earth. These satellites revolve around their planet. In such a situation, a special astronomical situation is created in the Solar System when the Moon orbiting the Earth comes between the Sun and the Earth and prevents the Sun’s light from reaching the Earth. This planetary event is called Solar Eclipse.

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