Mantras to chant for Shri Ram blessings

Mantras are an essential part of the celebrations during Ram Navami, the birth anniversary of Lord Rama. Devotees chant mantras and perform Japa to seek blessings from Lord Rama and attain spiritual growth. Here are some vital aspects of Mantras during Ram Navami:

  • Devotees chant the Rama Mantra, “Om Sri Ramaya Namah,” during Mantra Japa on Ram Navami. This mantra invokes the blessings of Lord Rama and helps in attaining spiritual progress.
  • A Japa Mala, a string of beads used for counting the repetitions of the mantra, is used during the Mantra Japa. The Japa Mala typically has 108 beads, and devotees perform Japa by chanting the mantra on each bead.
  • The number 108 is considered auspicious in Hinduism. Moreover, it signifies various aspects of worship, including Mantra Japa. The 108 energy lines converge to form the heart chakra. Hence, chanting the mantra 108 times can help to activate this chakra and promote spiritual well-being.
  • Chanting mantras and Japa can have psychological benefits.
  • Proper chanting of mantras can eliminate stammering and improve speech clarity.
  • Continuously reciting mantras (Japa) can enhance focus and concentration. In addition, it can calm the mind.
  • The tones of mantras create vibrations within the body, which stimulate the Hypothalamus gland.
  • Chanting mantras can benefit the heart by calming breathing, normalizing heartbeat rhythm, improving blood circulation, and eliminating toxins.
  • The emotional benefits of chanting mantras include balancing emotions and stirring them inside out.
  • The subconscious responds to mantras without our knowledge.
  • The spiritual benefits of chanting mantras elevate devotees to another level.
  • Understanding every prayer is not necessary. The goal is to devote oneself to bhakti and the guidance of God.
  • Enchanting mantras and Japas hold tremendous power and strength.

How to observe Ram Navami vrat?

Devotees of Lord Rama observe fasting or vrat for the entire day during Sri Ram Navami, an auspicious festival. While it is not mandatory to keep a Nirjal Vrat, many devotees observe a rigorous fast. It prohibits them from drinking even a single drop of water until midnight when they break their fast.

Those who prefer to follow a specific diet during their fast should consume certain food items. Recommended foods include potatoes. People prepare it without turmeric, garlic, ginger, or onion. Moreover, devotees may use Sendha namak (rock salt) to prepare food for the Ram Navami fast. During Ram Navami fast, you can consume curd, milk, tea, coffee, fruits, and root vegetables.

Significance of Ram Navami vrat

Fasting holds a special significance in Sri Ram Navami celebrations, as it does in most Hindu festivals. Devotees believe that sincere and devoted fasting on Sri Rama Navami brings blessings, including good health, abundant wealth, and prosperity for the year ahead. Ancient Hindu religious texts support fasting as the only means of achieving happiness in this material world and the best method of attaining salvation. Rama Navami vrat has been one of the five most significant fasts since ancient times.

Fasting on Rama Navami provides not only physical benefits but also spiritual significance. Fasting helps the body to detoxify and cleanse itself, making it a beneficial practice for the mind, body, and soul. The practice of fasting is to promote self-discipline and self-control, which are vital qualities for spiritual growth and development.

In conclusion, devotees of Lord Rama celebrate Sri Ram Navami with great reverence and devotion, and fasting is an integral part of this festival. The festival provides an opportunity for people to reflect on the ideals of Lord Rama, engage in spiritual contemplation, and strive to embody those virtues in their lives.

Astrological significance of Ram Navami

The devotees of Lord Rama celebrate the auspicious festival of Ram Navami, which holds great astrological significance according to Vedic astrology. The position of planets during this festival is to be of particular importance.

Ram Navami falls on the ninth day of the waxing phase of the moon or Shukla Paksha during the month of Chaitra. It is the first month of the Hindu lunar calendar. The planet Sun, which represents the soul and life force and is associated with royalty, leadership, and authority, rules over the day of Ram Navami. Lord Rama’s birth is to have brought good fortune to his kingdom.

Astrologically, Ram Navami is an auspicious day for new beginnings as it marks the birth of Lord Rama, who epitomizes righteousness and virtues. Worshipping Lord Rama on this day is said to bring blessings through good health, abundant wealth, and prosperity.

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