Lal Kitab: How to Get Rid of Problems?

Each and every human being is undergoing some or another problem in today’s world. Whatever be the reason, these surefire solutions of Lal Kitab will definitely help you.

You mix water and a little Gopi Sandalwood and red Sandalwood in a copper pot, put that pot at the bedside and go to sleep. In the morning, offer that water to the basil plant or Surya Dev. Gradually, your problems will start disappearing.

Remedies For a Successful Love Life

Love occupies the most important place in a person’s life, but sometimes it also becomes the cause of one’s despair. There are many such problems in one’s love life, which breaks the relationship into pieces. If you want to make your love life happy or want to earn your lost love back, then take the following measures.

  • According to Lal Kitab, donating a white cow to a Brahmin gives success in love life.
  • Feeding potatoes to cows for 43 days and consuming jaggery keeps the balance intact in one’s love life.
  • Follow These Remedies to Get Rid of All Kinds of Problems!
  • Pawan Putra, Lord Hanuman is considered to be the one who removes all kinds of obstacles from life. If you recite the Hanuman Chalisa daily and follow a cleanliness regime, then it brings positiveness to life. The recitations of Hanuman Chalisa can pacify the malefic planets and even cure Mangal Dosha, Rahu-Ketu dosha, etc.

Apart from this, if you pierce your nose or ear after getting your chart studies by an astrologer, Lal Kitab Jyotishacharya precisely, then it also gives relief from suffering. The gold wire should be worn in the ear while the silver wire should be worn in the nose. The nose and ears should be pierced on Wednesday.

The above remedies of Lal Kitab can remove many troubles in your life. If you take these remedies into account holistically, then you can get all the happiness of life.

Vikas Jindal

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