Krishna Janmashtami 2020

This year Janmashtami will fall on 12th August

Nishith Puja Muhurta: 24: 04: 31 to 24:47:38
Duration: 0 hours 43 minutes
Janmashtami Parana Muhurta: 05: 48: 49 after 13 on August

Krishnashtami is celebrated to mark the birthday of Lord Krishna on the 8th day of Krishna Paksha in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada. Janmashtami is one of the most awaited festivals. Janmashtami celebrates the incarnation of goodness on earth in the form of Lord Krishna. Krishna is the synonym for ‘enchanter’, such was the depiction of Lord Krishna in mythological evidences that it matches well with his name. Lord Krishna is also known as Kanha or Govinda.

The day is celebrated to honor Lord Krishna by singing devotional songs and arranging grand celebration. This includes Dahi Handi, Raas Leela, etc. Krishna or Govinda had been an enchanter with his mischievousness and spirituality, hence Krishna Janmashtami is devoted in a way that balances both, joy and devotion.

Story behind Krishna birth

Ugrasena ruled in Mathura at the end of Dwapara yuga. Ugrasen’s son’s name was Kansa. Kansa forced Ugrasena to be imprisoned and dethroned him and became the king himself. Kansa’s sister Devaki’s maarried Vasudev of the Yadav clan. When Kansa was going, with the chariot, to send Devaki away, a voice rang out in the sky, “O Kansa! The eighth son of your sister, whom you are leaving with great love, will kill you.” On hearing Akashvani, Kansa was filled with anger and decided to kill Devaki.

Vasudev explained to Kansa that he don’t have to fear anything. He promised Kansa that he’ll when his eighth son will be born, he will hand him over to Kansa. Kansa accepted Vasudev’s offer and kept Vasudev-Devaki in jail. Immediately Narada ji came and said to Kansa that how it will be known that which baby will be the eighth born. The count will begin from the first or the last womb. Kansa mercilessly killed all the children born from Devaki’s womb one by one on the advice of Narada.

Shri Krishna was born in Rohini Nakshatra on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada. As soon as he was born, light spread in the prison cell, and in front of Vasudev-Devaki, the God of shankh, chakr, gada and padamadhaaree chaturbhuj appeared and manifested form of a new born child. Vasudeva immediately took Kanha to Nanda’s in Gokul and hand over Kansa with Devaki’s newly born girl.

When Kansa tried to kill that girl, she got out of his hand and flew into the sky and took the form of a goddess and told him that his enemy has reached Gokul. Kansa was shocked and distraught after this scene. Kansa sent many demons to kill Shri Krishna but Kanha killed all the demons with his supernatural maya. When he grew up, Kanha killed Kansa and made Ugrasen sit on the throne.

Importance of Janmashtami

  1. On this day all the temples of the country are decorated.
  2. Jhaakiyaan are decorated to commemorate Shri Krishnaavatar.
  3. Make up of Lord Krishna and swings are decorated for the idol.

Men and women fast till twelve o’clock in the night. At twelve o’clock, Krishna birth is celebrated with the sounds of shankh and bells. Aarti of Lord Krishna is performed and Prasad is distributed.

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