How your 7th house is connected to your spouse?

Vedic astrology depends on the idea that the stars and planets significantly impact our lives. It has its roots in the Vedas, an ancient body of knowledge in India. Moreover, the Hindu scriptures hold that the purpose of life is to advance one’s spirituality. Making any predictions about how your spouse will be can be made using your Kundli or birth chart. While there are thousands of possibilities about nature, features, and traits, we are here with certain rules and planetary positions that shall help in spouse prediction, as per astrology.

7th house & its connection with spouse prediction

If you wish to know about your future life partner, you must the position of planets in the 7th house. The seventh house in astrology is the house of marriage. Thus, it plays a major role in figuring out how your partner shall be, whether you will have a happy marriage with them, and many other things.

A good planet in the 7th house will boost your chances of finding the woman of your dreams. However, an unfavorable planet might reduce your chances of blissful marital life. In a few cases, it even makes getting married and starting a family more challenging.

According to Vedic astrology, the important planets favorable for your marriage are Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon. On the other hand, Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu are unfavorable. Thus, they might lead to trouble in having a good spouse or life partner.

Partner prediction astrology depends on several factors— the ruling planet of the 7th house, planets present in the 7th house, and the zodiac sign of the house.

What each planet in 7th house says about your spouse?

Depending on the planet in the seventh house of your birth chart, you can understand the nature, traits, features, and various other details about your life partner. Let us see how:

Sun in 7th house
The native will have a dominant spouse if the Sun is in the seventh house of marriage. The partner will have an inflated feeling of self and ego. They would have a noisy and aggressive disposition, which might make it difficult for them to win the love of each other.

Moon in 7th house
As per the spouse astrology, when the Moon is in this house, the partner will be sympathetic, devout, and capable of handling home responsibilities. She will have a weakness in clothing and jewelry. Moreover, she could be a kind woman if the seventh house is Taurus. Your partner may be younger than you or almost your age if the Moon is in the seventh house.

Mars in 7th house
If Mars is in the house of marriage, it will bring along a hurried and impatient spouse. The partner will never be content with a normal job or household duties. Moreover, she will constantly yearn for a change. If Mars is poorly situated, your spouse will be argumentative and able to maintain unfavourable friends. Moreover, if Mars and Saturn align in Leo or Cancer in the seventh house, the spouse can have other partners and be extremely wealthy.

Mercury in 7th house
If Mercury is in the 7th house in your horoscope, your partner will speak with sweetness and have excellent communication abilities. She will be outgoing and smart, which will win please you and make her close friends with her partner. Moreover, exalted Mercury, as per the spouse prediction, indicates that the partner may be wealthy, a writer, and have a luxurious lifestyle.

Jupiter in 7th house
Jupiter in the 7th house of the Kundli astrology indicates that your spouse will be physically fit. She will be attractive and likely average in height. Along with being excellent in education, she will be charming, bubbly, sharp, and passionate. Her knack for learning more will be exceptionally noteworthy. Furthermore, your future life partner will typically be content with you. Along with it, Jupiter in the 7th house also indicates a lovely, wise, and well-versed life spouse.

Venus in 7th house
The luckiest natives in life partners are those with Venus in the 7th house. Venus, in this position, bestows upon them a lovely, wealthy, and gorgeous partner with an equally congenial temperament. As per the spouse prediction astrology, your partner will be stunning and have an attractive appearance. Venus has the power to make your life partner incredibly alluring. Thus, your future partner will be a lovely individual with a highly affectionate aura who enjoys comforts and luxury as well as music and the arts.

Saturn in 7th house
The placement of Shani or Saturn in this house is not a favorable sign for getting married. Saturn in 7th house indicates significant karmic lessons. It also includes obligations and liabilities in conjugal relationships. According to spouse prediction astrology, a strong Saturn here is quite fortunate. On the other hand, a weak Saturn in the seventh house might bring a lot of bad luck and difficulties with the marriage. It might also represent an unsuccessful marital life that might experience separation.

Rahu in 7th house
Rahu in the seventh house delays marriages. It produces marital discontent and even has the potential to lead to divorce. With your future life partner, there will be a lot of pushback, challenges, and difficulties. When, Rahu joins other unfavorable planets in this house, the negative effect amplifies. Additionally, there is a chance that it will harm the house’s features. This placement of Rahu also results in obstacles, difficulties in life, and a failure to locate a compatible life partner.

Ketu in 7th house
The presence of planet Ketu in the 7th house indicates a highly spiritual life partner. Not only your spouse be religious, but she will also have a keen drag toward non-materialism. However, on the other hand, she may not have clarity in her life, and reaching a conclusion might be difficult for her. But, she will be extremely great in subjects like computers, maths, etc.

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