How to do Surya Puja?

In Vedic astrology, Lord Sun has attained the status of the father. Lord Surya has been worshiped since Vedic times. In Treta Yuga, when Lord Vishnu was born as Suryavanshi Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram, he also used to start his day by offering water to the Lord Sun.

In Panchdev Upasana, high importance is given to Ganesh Upasana, Shiva Upasana, Vishnu Upasana, Goddess Durga Upasana, Surya Upasana. It is believed that by worshiping Lord Sun, the person gets freedom from diseases and Doshas. Arghya is very dear to Lord Sun. In such a situation, the easiest way to please the Sun is to offer him water every day. The Sun is called the visible deity because it is visible to us even with the naked eye.

The life of the natives is particularly affected by the place of the Sun in the horoscope. Sun is the king of the Navagraha, so if the Sun is in a strong position in the horoscope of a person, it takes away the defects (doshas) implied by other planets. The organs of the human body function smoothly with the energy of the Sun. The body doesn’t suffer from Vitamin D deficiency since it remains under the Sun’s rays in the morning. The Sun removes the darkness of the whole Earth and flows the life force in the universe. This is the reason why the Sun is said to be the cause of the soul of all the living beings of the world.

Rules of Worshiping Sun

  • According to the rule, water should be offered to the Lord within 1 hour of sunrise, that is when the light of Lord Sun is full of red rays. It is believed that by offering water at this time, positive energy is transmitted in the life of the people.
  • If for some reason it is not possible to do so, then water should be offered to Lord Surya by 8 AM in the morning.
  • Offer water to the Sun only after bathing. Offering Arghya wearing white and red clothes is considered the best.
  • While giving water to the Sun, add some flowers or akshat (rice) to it. Lord Surya is very pleased with this.
  • Water should always be offered to the Sun by facing the east direction i.e. from where he rises.
  • Even if the Sun is not visible someday because of clouds, then also you can offer water by facing east.
  • Glass, plastic, and silver utensils should not be used to offer Arghya to Sun.
  • Always use copper, brass, or bronze utensils for offering water.
  • Although Lord Sun should be worshiped every day, if it does not happen, one must chant the mantras during one of the three constellations of the Sun, Kritika, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttarashada and do charity donations to please the Sun.
  • The worship of Lord Surya is considered very fruitful for the students. It is said that offering arghya to the Lord Sun by adding ink or blue color to the water helps in reading diligently.
  • The people who offer water to the Sun should respect their father because, in Vedic astrology, the Sun is considered to be a father figure. For those who do not respect their father, the Sun gets angry with them. Female natives should respect their husbands to strengthen the Sun.
  • When offering water to the Sun, both the hands should be above the head. Due to this, the seven rays of the sun fall on the body through the water’s edge, due to which positive energy is transmitted inside the person.

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