How to Cleanse a Bedroom Where Someone Has Died?(Part-2)

Once you have cleaned and reorganized the bedroom, you may wish to have a cleansing ceremony performed. This should be done by someone not emotionally attached to the deceased. A cleansing ceremony is done to get rid of stagnant chi and allow a renewal of energy and life. This can be as simple as burning incense and saying a prayer in the room or you can add other elements.

Use Salt: This can be used to wipe down the walls and floors. Another technique is to place salt or sprinkle salt in each of the corners of the bedroom. You can also sprinkle salt on the mattress. Allow the salt to stay long enough to draw out the negative chi. After the ceremony, sweep up the salt and dispose of it in the trash bin outside the home.

Sprinkle Rice: This is called feeding the ghosts. Start outside your front door and sprinkle rice leading the spirit or ghost out of the house. Typically the rice is spread to the outer perimeter of the home thereby drawing the spirit outside where it will then stay.

Burn Incense: Choose a scent you find comforting. Many people choose scents based on ancient knowledge of properties. Here are a few incense and herbs that will bring positive results.

Eucalyptus – Healing. Excellent relief for grief-stricken
Mint – Prosperity and wealth
Sage – A scent that repels spirit
Sandalwood – Raises spirit, heals and protects

Play Sound: Tinkling of bells helps draw positive chi.

Add Light: Place prisms and faceted orbs in windows to allow a rainbow of light to enter the room. Open draperies and let the sunshine inside.

In China, when a person dies in the home, they are carried from the bedroom feet first and out the front door. This is why you are advised not to sleep with your feet facing the bedroom door and why it’s called the coffin position.

Close the Circle of Life With a Burial Ceremony: Before you can begin to feng shui the bedroom, you need to close the circle of the deceased person’s life by having a burial ceremony.

Use Sound in the Burial Ceremony: An important aspect of the burial ceremony is the ringing of cymbals or chimes to call the spirit from the house and to the gravesite. On the day of the burial ceremony, temporarily take down all wind chimes in and around your home until the ceremony is over. You don’t want to confuse the spirit of your loved one and have her torn between the home and the grave.

After you feng shui the bedroom where someone died, the energy will be quite different when you walk into the room. You will be able to move forward in life and carry those good memories of your loved one with you.

Vikas Jindal

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