Chinese New Year 2022

With this blog today, we’ll look at how Chinese astrology predicts the coming year for various zodiac signs. The Chinese New Year is not the same as the Hindu New Year. Every year, Chinese New Year is commemorated in honor of a different animal. The year 2022 will be called after the Water-Tiger, much as the year 2021 was named after the Bull (Year of the Ox). On the same date itself, i.e. February 01, Hindus all around the world celebrate a very sacred religious event called Mauni Amavasya, also known as Magha Amavasya.

Chinese New Year: History

The arrival of Spring marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is thought to have begun approximately 3800 years ago. There is a tradition of conducting various rituals on a specific day every year in the Chinese Agrarian Empire, although no date was given until the Han Empire came into power.

When Emperor Wudi took over asking, it is reported that he began to use the Lunar calendar. According to the prevalent legends, Emperor Wudi began celebrating Chinese New Year according to the Lunar calendar on the first day of the first month, and the Shang Empire followed suit.

Significance of Chinese New Year

This auspicious day of the Chinese New Year is particularly important for the Chinese people since it is on this day that they remember their old culture and celebrate it together with tremendous zeal. This day is known as the Spring Festival in many parts of China. The elders of the house teach their new generation about their past on this day. Aside from that, cultural events are also held on this day.

Significance of the Year of the Chinese Tiger 2022(Year of Water-Tiger)

The Chinese Year 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. Because tigers are extremely attentive and calm, and they tackle any challenge head-on. In such a case, it is recommended that you remain cool and focused on your goal this year. Apart from that, you may need to pay more attention to your emotions this year. Especially if you want your love life to be a success.

Let us now learn some significant and important facts about a person’s nature based on their Chinese zodiac sign, as well as what the precise forecasts for each zodiac sign say for the Chinese New Year 2022.

Chinese Astrology focuses mainly on 5 elements that make up time i.e. Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood. The theory of Yin and Yang also has a pivotal role in determining the profound influence of the animal on one’s life. Here is a traditional classification of zodiac signs divided into five elements along with their nature:

Rat – People belonging to this sign are attractive and ambitious
Ox – People belonging to this sign are well-wishers of society and are considered to be hardworking.
Tiger – People associated with this sign are considered to be traditionalists and smart.
Rabbit – The main quality of people of this sign is honesty and they have a sense of altruism.
Dragon – People belonging to this sign hold high positions and are full of energy and enthusiasm.
Snake –People belonging to this sign are considered intelligent and attractive.
Horse – People belonging to this sign are cheerful and caring for others.
Sheep – A person belonging to this sign has a feeling of love.
Monkey – People with this sign have a good memory and are creative.
Rooster – People belonging to this sign are intelligent and outspoken.
Dog – People of this zodiac are very kind and caring
Pig – People belonging to this sign are soft-hearted and soft-spoken.

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