Bhaumvati Amavasya

Bhaumvati Amavasya is referred to as an occurrence of ‘Amavasya’ on a Tuesday. According to the Hindu scriptures, Amavasya refers to the dark moon lunar phase that occurs every month in the Hindu calendar. Amavasya that falls on a Tuesday is therefore known as Bhaumvati Amavasya. This day is considered to be very auspicious for performing ancestral tires like ‘pitru daan’ and ‘pitru tarpan’. Hindu devotees worship their ancestors on this day to seek their blessings for prosperity and peace in life. Bhaumvati Amavasya is also called as ‘Bhaumya Amavasya’ or ‘Bhomvati Amavasya’.

According to the North Indian calendar, Bhaumvati Amavasya normally falls during the Hindu month of ‘Ashad’ while as per the Amavasyant calendar followed in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu; it is observed as ‘Jyestha Amavasya’. The day of Bhaumvati Amavasya is dedicated to worshipping planet Mars (Mangal) and is therefore very apt for remedying any Mangal Dosh, in one’s Kundli. This day is also propitious for performing ‘Daan’ and ‘Punya’ activities. Bhaumvati Amavasya is celebrated with great fervor and devotion in all parts of the country.

Significance of Bhaumvati Amavasya 2021

The religious significance of Bhaumvati Amavasya is mentioned in several Hindu scriptures and Puranas. The day of Bhaumvati Amavasya is very rewarding for worshipping Planet Mars as it is believed that when New Moon falls on a Tuesday, it happens to be more auspicious on different chapters of life based on penance and devotion.

Any form of charity done on this day proves very fruitful and also helps in the attainment of liberation or ‘moksha’. A person performing charity on Bhaumvati Amavasya is generously blessed by Lord Mars to live a blissful life. This day is particularly meritorious for those individuals who suffer from the malefic effects of Mangal Dosh.

Also, Planets Mars is also referred to as ‘Rina Harta’ implying the ‘remover of debts’. Therefore the day of Bhaumvati Amavasya is very beneficial for those who want to get rid of financial problems.

Besides Bhaumvati Amavasya is also a chosen day for pleasing and worshipping forefathers or ‘pitrs’. It turns out to be an opportunity for those individuals who could not worship their forefathers during the ‘Chatur Maas’ period.

When Bhaumvati Amavasya falls during the ‘Adhik’ Maas it becomes even more auspicious. It is aptly stated that Bhaumvati Amavasya is a unique occurrence that happens rarely in a year, and therefore one must make as many benefits of this day as possible.

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