3 cleansing rituals you should try!

Every living space is affected by energies, be it office or home. People can often feel this change in energy, and they realize it as a positive or negative vibe. Sometimes dominating negativity in the surroundings makes residents sick; and there will be no relief or recovery until we have some Cleansing Rituals.

While people follow various methods to ward off bad energies or buri nazar from a chosen environment; they may not be as effective for the spaces as they are for individuals. This is simply because a person radiates and absorbs certain energies while geographic dimensions have energetic fields. Which we can check through earth science or vastu.

So, here are three powerful cleansing rituals for your home to remove negative energy and clean the environment. You can do this when you shift to a new house/relocate/do renovations/during festivals.

  • Camphor: Tried and tested most effective ritual is to burn camphor; preferably keep it at the centre of the house/room/area and let it remove any toxicity. Perform camphor ritual just after sunset. Do it continuously for seven days for the best results. You will notice lighter energy in the environment after that, this is one of the best Cleansing Rituals followed by people.
  • Sambrani cup: Easily available as Sambrani cups have all the necessary ingredients to effectively cleanse your home and bring a refreshing energy to the space.

Study says, for best results of this cleansing rituals, use just a little camphor to burn the cup; and then smudge the entire house with the smoke- including every corner, cupboard, storage, washroom, balcony and cabinets.

Once done, keep it either in a corner near the entrance door or on the balcony as it may take up to 40-45 minutes for the entire cup to burn, and the smoke can be difficult to breathe for some people.

  • Rosemary sage
    This one of my favourite and is the most powerful. I have used this for a few clients to cleanse their offices and apartments and the results are overwhelming.

Rosemary is used as a white sage for smudging and is easily available online as sage bundles. Removes ill-health, prolonged sickness, and headaches in just one use. Do not smudge more than once in 2-3 months. Consult an expert if you have any questions about this.

Also, knowing what to do immediately after a cleansing ritual is essential. Ideally, take a shower, light up a Diya or do your regular evening puja, chant any mantra that you are comfortable to re-align the vibrations.

One easy and soothing thing I suggest is to play the Om mantra or a Shiva chant at low volume for a couple of hours, and it just calms the environment with positivity.

I hope this helps you. Do connect with me for specific remedies and solutions if you have a concern.

Vikas Jindal

Jyotish Acharya Vikas Ji can solve all major problems of human life like advising students for higher education, Birth Time Rectification, Problems in Married Life, Chart Matching, Profession and Name correction.

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