Varaha Jayanti

Varaha Jayanti is the birth celebration of the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He incarnated himself as a boar to save the world and held Earth on the two tusks from under the ocean. This day is observed and rituals take place on the second day (Dwadashi tithi) of the month of Magh (by the Hindu calendar) in Shukla Paksha. All the different incarnations of Lord Vishnu are celebrated as festivals in different parts of India to receive blessings from the preserver of the Universe according to Hindu mythology.

It is believed that worshipping Lord Varaha brings all kinds of happiness to the devotee including health and wealth. Half boar half-human Varaha had defeated Hiranyaksha and destroyed all evils. Thus, devotees worship him and pray for goodness to prevail.

Varaha Jayanti 2021 is on September 09 Thursday


This festival is mainly celebrated in Southern India. Devotees wake up early and freshen up to worship God.
The idol of Lord Varaha is kept in a Kalash (metal pot), which is filled with water and mango leaves along with coconut on the head. This is supposed to be donated to any known Brahmin.
After the puja is completed, one should read Shrimad Bhagwad Gita and chant hymns to please God and celebrate the day.
Devotees who fast on Varaha Jayanti should also daan (donate) money or clothes to the needy people on this day. This would attain more blessings from the Lord.

One old temple of Lord Varaha exists in Mathura where the celebration of this day takes place as the birth anniversary of God with joy and happiness. There is another temple in Tirumala; named Bhu Varaha Swamy temple where the idol of Varaha Swamy is given a holy bath on this day. The bath is given with ghee, butter, honey, milk, and coconut water.

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