Polala Amavasya

Polala Amavasya is one of the important fasting days dedicated to Goddess Poleramma. It is observed on the Amavasya of Shravana month as per the Telugu calendar in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Hence this festival is also known as Shravana Amavasya.

According to the Hindu legends, Goddess Poleramma or Goddess Pochamma is considered to be a protector or guardian of children, and married women, therefore, keep the Polala Amavasya vratam for the wellness and longevity of their children. Polala Amavasya is also referred as Pithori Amavasya.

Polala Amavasya is majorly a festival observed in South India, particularly in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and adjoining areas. It is celebrated with immense devotion and enthusiasm. The observance of Polala Amavasya is very much similar to ‘Shital Sasthi’ in Orissa and ‘Sheetal Saptami’ puja in the northern states of India. Goddess Poleramma is considered to be the local deity who protects children from all evils and mishaps. She is believed to be one of the main incarnation of Goddess Shakti or Durga. The day of worshipping Poleramma coincides with ‘amavasya’ each year; hence this vratam is called ‘Polala Amavasya. On this day special rituals and pujas are organized in Poleramma temples, all across India.

Significance of Polala Amavasya

The festival of Polala Amavasya holds immense significance for women bearing children. As Goddess Poleramma is the protector of children, mothers worship Her with full dedication and affection. By observing a fast on this day, it is believed that Goddess Poleramma will protect the children from several diseases, particularly smallpox and chickenpox. As the month of Shravana corresponds to the months of July-August that marks the onset of monsoon season, diseases spread quickly during this time. As Children are most vulnerable, Polala Amavasya vratam is observed to keep children healthy.

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