Lohri 2022

Lohri is celebrated with excitement and enthusiasm in North India. This festival is celebrated a day before Makar Sankranti every year. It is said that if a person wants to experience the actual enjoyment of Lohri, then they must go and see the Lohri celebration in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, or Delhi.

In this special Lohri article, we will find out the date of Lohri 2022, the essence of Lohri, and the remedies that can be performed on Lohri to make our lives more happy and prosperous. In addition to this, we will enlighten you with the items to be offered to the fire on this day, based on your zodiac sign, which will make Lohri 2022 more auspicious and blissful for you.

Formation of Auspicious Yogas on Lohri 2022

This year, the auspicious yogas of Lohri 2022 will last till 12:35 pm and Shukla Yoga will commence after that. This period is considered highly sacred for starting any auspicious work. Besides this, Ravi Yoga is also being formed on Lohri 2022. Ravi Yoga will begin at 7:15 am, and it will last till 5:07 pm. This means that Lohri will be celebrated in the Ravi Yoga this year.

Why is Lohri Celebrated?

Lohri is celebrated mainly in Punjab during the harvest period. The farmers earn money after the harvest, which brings happiness to their homes. To commemorate this gaiety splendidly, the festival of Lohri is celebrated. Holika (creating fire by adding wooden bundles) is lit on this day. People take rounds around Holika, make wishes, and throw jaggery, Gajak, and sesame seeds in this fire.

The farmers express their gratitude to God on this grand festival of Lohri, which helps them in improving their harvest for the year ahead. They hope and pray to God for crop production in large quantity in the coming years as well.

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