Holi 2022 Celebrations according to your Zodiac Sign

Holi is one of the most awaited festivals that encompass much more than throwing colours at each other. This Hindu festival is being celebrated since ancient times as a way of welcoming spring, and it marks new and fresh beginnings in life. It is a special festival that is observed on the full moon day of the Phalguna month. Another important event that takes place in the Phalguna month is the Phalguna Purnima Vrat. Every year, Holi is celebrated on the day of Phalguna Purnima, which increases the significance of this festival manifold.

Holi 2022: Importance and Astrological Significance

The festival of colours, Holi, is celebrated nationwide and worldwide with great enthusiasm and fun. On his day, people visit their friends and family for the celebration, and it is also believed to be one of the best days to resolve all the persisting issues with others. People cook different dishes, play with colours, and enjoy their day by dancing to the loud beats of Dhol and other folk music.

Holi is celebrated for two days. First day, known as Holika Dahan marks the victory of Vishnu Bhakta Prahalada’s victory over Holika, demon king Hiranyakashyap’s sister. On this day, the pyre of Holika is lit, at or after the sunset. The next day, also known as Dulhendi, is celebrated with enthusiasm using colours, water, and Gulaal, and people enjoy the special delicacies.

According to Vedic Astrology, the Moon and the Sun are on each other’s opposite ends in the sky on the day of Holi. This placement is considered highly auspicious, where the Sun is placed in the sign of Aquarius and Pisces while the Moon is present in the zodiac sign of Leo and Virgo. In addition to this, Vastu experts believe this period to be quite good for performing Vastu Puja for your home, vehicle, or property as it helps in repel the negative energies, provide protection from evil eye and attain good health by burning all your health issues in Holika Dahan pooja. Many devotees also fly kites on this day to worship Pawan Devta.

Holi 2022 Celebrations as Per Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Due to the fifth house of celebrations being occupied by the Moon and the star lord Venus (the planet for enjoyment) is placed with Mars, Aries natives would like to take charge, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they are the first ones rushing out of their houses shouting “Holi Hai!”, and throwing colours and water balloons at everyone. They will form their group and lead it to enjoy the day.

Taurus: Due to the fifth house lord Mercury placed in the tenth house with Jupiter in the sign ruled by Saturn which denotes delays, Taurus natives might take a holiday on the Holi-Day and start their celebrations a little late. They will gracefully play Holi using vibrant colours with everyone and invite a lot of friends, mostly of the opposite sex, to commemorate the celebrations!

Gemini: Due to the fifth house lord Venus being placed in the eighth house with aggressive Mars and Saturn, the Gemini natives will have more than one place to celebrate Holi as they have a lot of friends. Their unique Gulaal colour choices will be highly noticeable. They will have their own playlist that will blast through the speakers and entertain the crowd.

Cancer: Due to the fifth house lord Mars being placed in the seventh house of friendship along with Venus and Saturn, Cancer natives will plan everything in advance for their friends and family and invite everyone over at home. They love to play Holi more with water, so you will find filled buckets of water everywhere along with water balloons. They will be the best hosts and throw a nice party with delicious food.

Leo: Due to the fifth house lord Jupiter being placed in the seventh house of friendship and partnership along with the dual planet Mercury, Leo natives will contemplate before going to any party despite having more than one invitation for the day and end up not going anywhere at all. They’d rather go to a movie at a theatre alone with their slightly coloured face. Even if they do decide to play, they will be the first ones to leave the party.

Virgo: Due to the fifth house lord Saturn being present in the fifth house itself, they will be the ones taking charge of all the events and PR activities as they are good planners. They will meet their long-lost friends to re-establish contact. They will be careful while playing with colours and make sure that everyone else is too.

Libra: The fifth house lord Saturn will be placed in the fourth house along with the seventh house lord Mars and Venus. Therefore even though the Libra natives get along with everyone quite well, they will need their close friends to celebrate this special day. They will be seen having fun and enjoying the party to the fullest. They might even call for Dhol instead of usual Bollywood music.

Scorpio: Due to the fifth house lord Jupiter being placed in the fourth house with the eighth house lord Mercury, Scorpio natives will need a little push from their friends to get started on this day. But when they do, they will be unstoppable. They are moody and their mood will determine if they will play around or sit in the company of their loved ones and watch the celebration from a distance.

Sagittarius: You will find the Sagittarius natives deep into the madness of Holi due to the fifth house lord Mars present in the second house with Saturn, which here represents gathering for Sagittarius natives. They will be the ones convincing everyone to get on the dance floor or inside the pool of water to celebrate this lively day. They will be the life of the Holi party.

Capricorn: Due to the fifth house lord Venus being present in the first house with Saturn and Mars, Capricorn natives will play for a while for the sake of their loved ones but will soon end the celebration and change into something clean as they cannot stand being untidy. They will be more than happy to return to their normal routine despite the festive season.

Aquarius: Due to the fifth house lord Mercury being placed in the moon sign with Jupiter, Aquarius natives will be seen enjoying themselves with their friends and will probably go to every party they are invited to. They love to have fun and will not shy away even from travelling long distances just to enjoy the Holi celebrations.

Pisces: Due to the fifth house lord Moon being placed in the sixth house and aspected by Jupiter and the Moon, Pisces natives will be the first ones to jump into the pool and drench themselves. If they host a party, they will be the sweetest host trying to please everyone and making sure that everything is available for their guests.

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