Balaji Jayanti

Balaji Jayanti is a highly revered Hindu festival that is celebrated with great splendor all over the country. It is observed on the ‘Ashtami’ tithi (8th day) of the ‘Krishna Paksha’ (the waning phase of moon) during the month of ‘Margashirsha’ in the Hindu lunar calendar. The day of Balaji Jayanti, as the name implies, commemorates the birth anniversary of Lord Balaji. The devotees on this auspicious day throng the 600 years old Tirupati Balaji Temple and offer prayers. Special rituals and prayers are organized on this day in the temple. Hindus worship Sri Balaji devotedly on this day to seek His blessings for a prosperous and happy life. Balaji Jayanti is one of the most awaited events in Lord Balaji temples in Southern India.

Balaji Jayanti 2022 is on December 16

Significance of Balaji Jayanti

Balaji Jayanti is an auspicious event for Hindus. According to the Hindu mythological stories, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Balaji for the upliftment of humanity and to free the earth from all the evils. He is also worshipped as Lord Venkatesh on this day. The Tirupati Temple is considered to be the ‘Vaikunth’ (Lord Vishnu’s celestial abode) of Kalyug. It is believed that worshipping Lord Balaji removes all the fears and fills one’s life with never-ending happiness and success. By praying to Lord Venkatesh wholeheartedly on Balaji Jayanti all the desires will be fulfilled. Lord Balaji helps His devotees to attain peace and also work for the welfare of others. A person who performs Lord Balaji puja with dedication also attains ‘moksha’ or salvation in the end.

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