Agrasen Jayanti

Agrasen Jayanti is a renowned event observed annually by the Agrahari and Agrawal sects of the Hindu community. This day is celebrated with full gaiety and devotion in the honor of their respected forefather, Maharaja Agrasen, and commemorates his birth anniversary. Agrasen Jayanti is observed on the ‘Ekam’ (1st day) of the Shukla Paksha (the period of the bright fortnight of moon) during the Hindu month of ‘Ashwin’. In the Gregorian calendar, this date falls between September to October.

As per the legends, Maharaja Agrasen was the legendary king of Agroha and the founder of Agrahari and Agrawal communities in India. He was a very notable and revered King who was looked upon with great respect by the people of his Kingdom. Agrasen Jayanti is celebrated with immense enthusiasm across India, especially in the northern states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana that are dominated by Agrawal, Agrahari, and Jain communities.

Agrasen Jayanti 2021 is on October 07

Significance of Agrasen Jayanti

Maharaja Agrasen was the originator of the Agrahari and Agrawal community and therefore the day of Agrasen Jayanti is celebrated in remembrance of this great King. The word ‘Agrawal’ in the combination of two words, ‘Agra’ meaning ‘Agrasen’ and ‘walk implies ‘balak’ (son). Therefore Agrawal itself implies the ‘Son of Agrasen’. The day of Agrasen Jayanti, therefore, holds great significance for descendants of Maharaja Agrasen. According to the Hindu mythological stories, Lord Shiva advised Maharaja Agrasen to observe Tapas for Goddess Lakshmi. Pleased by his dedication, Goddess Lakshmi appeared and told Maharaja Agrasen to start a business professional for the opulence of his people. Henceforth members of Agrahari and Agrawal communities follow the tradition of business. This day is even considered very auspicious for initiating a new business venture

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