Important colors of Feng Shui

Feng shui colors are really important because they are a representation of various elements. These different elements bring different positive elements into a particular sphere. Before using feng shui symbols or any colors of feng shui, one just has to keep in mind that these colors have to be used in the right places. Unless they are used in the right place, they would not bring any positive effect. In fact, putting the wrong symbol or the wrong sign somewhere could really promote some negative effects in the place.

So, here are some of the most important colors of feng shui and where they are used best.

Signifies: The fire element, the spirit of joy, excitement, sexual and sensual energy, and romance. Red is one of the most significant colors of feng shui symbols. It is because it is the color that symbolizes passion, strength, and all the important powerful signs. The color red brings around energy, excitement, joy, and even romance. It is quite good for people who want to promote romance or sexual desire between each other.
Red has been significant in many different feng shui cultures. In Chinese feng shui, red stands for luck and happiness. In Indian tradition, the symbolism stands for love, marriage, and romance as well.

Use it in: The bedroom is the best place to use the color red. It promotes the sign of love and romance, and this is the best element that you have to keep in the bedroom.
Another place where you can keep the color red is in the office. It is also a sign of prosperity, so keeping it in the office could promote some amount of prosperity in there and increase the amount of money that you earn.

Signifies: The fire element. Happiness, unity, and prosperity
The color yellow signifies sunlight in Feng Shui. Natural light is always a really important concept in feng shui and the representation of sunlight is the next best thing, after actual sunlight. The color yellow can create a welcoming and positive feng shui energy in a house. This is the positive chi that can attract and maintain other people as well. The range of yellow that can be used ranges from mild yellow to sunflower bright yellow as well.

Use it in: This color is best used in the kitchen, for this is the place where your family’s nourishment comes from. Adding the element of happiness and content at this stage would definitely help. Another place where you can use yellow is in the children’s room. Some people prefer to paint their living rooms yellow as well.
One can also use yellow flowers or yellow painting for decoration if they don’t want to repaint the whole house in this color.

Signifies: The water element. The open skies, nature, tranquillity, and peace.
Blue is one of the best feng shui colors, especially for people who are looking for some peace and calm in their lives. This feng shui color stands for the outside forces of nature- the sky and the ocean. It promotes the inclusion of nature in one’s life and it also promotes the peace and tranquillity associated with the same. The range of blues that can be used ranges from clear blue to aqua blue to deep blue. All these blue tones fork as colors of feng shui.
Blue is a wonderful color for health reasons as well.

Use it in: Blue is a good color for promoting health, so it is best to put it in living rooms or bedrooms. This is a color that is best used in the Bagua regions of the room- these are the east, southeast, and northern corners of the house.
If you don’t want to paint your house that way, you can always just buy some blue flowers or decorations for your house.

Signifies: The wood element. Energy, regeneration, renewal, nature, and nourishment. Green is one of the best feng shui colors and the most important. This is one of the best ways to integrate nature into their lives through the feng shui color scheme. Green is the feng shui color for rejuvenation and renewal. It is amazing for people’s health and it can also promote new beginnings. It is considered to be an inspirational color as well, for it draws power from nature itself.

Use it in: Green is a color that is best used within the house. Since it can help promote the health of people, use it in the living room and certainly, the bedroom. It is best to have different shades of green to get the maximum benefit of using the color. Green can be integrated into the house through plants as well. One should avoid using plants in the workplace. Green might be one of the good feng shui colors for the office, but plants are certainly not good.

Signifies: The fire element. Stands for optimism, social nature, openness, etc.
Orange is a subtler version of red. For people who think that the color red is too strong and the significance of the color is too straightforward, orange might be a better idea. Orange is not as strong or intense as red and it stands for slightly different symbols.

Orange can be one of the feng shui colors for love, in fact. Orange stands for optimism, which will help in drawing new love into one’s life. It would also be beneficial for people who have just moved to a new place and want to find some new friends.
Orange promotes positive energy and conversations among social groups because it is a warm color that reminds people of summertime and other peaceful things.

Use it in: The best use of the color orange is its use as one of the feng shui colors promoting social life. Hence, painting the door orange or the living room or waiting room orange would help draw people in.
Painting the office or your shop orange might help draw some new customers or allies as well. Hence, orange is also one of the good feng shui colors for the office.

Signifies: Fire element, high standards, affluence, luxury, etc. Purple is a color that has always been associated with luxury, affluence, etc. As a feng shui color, it is suggested that this color is used in moderation. This is a really vibrant color that might get a little too intense if it is overdone.
Since it is such a strong color, the decoration of a house using purple can be done using home décor elements such as art, pillows, flowers, paintings, etc. instead of painting the walls that color or buying curtains that color.

Use it in: Purple is a color that is best used in healing rooms (bedrooms, if there are no healing rooms because that is where people go to recuperate), meditation rooms or meditation spaces, etc.

Signifies: Fire element, nurturing, soothing actions, love, and romance

Pink has always been considered a color of romance and in fact, it is one of the feng shui colors for love. It can soften the energy in any place and make the energy more calming and soothing, rather than being overpowering. It is the most gentle of feng shui colors and it can have a soothing effect on a person’s mind and be as well. In fact, these are the two reasons that determine the two best places to keep pink in a house.

Pink can be kept in a person’s house in the form of pearls, for they are important symbols of feng shui and it is possible to get them in this color.
Use it in: It is best to use pink in the bedroom, of course, since it is one of the feng shui colors for love. It is also better to use these colors in the meditation areas or the living area of the house.

Signifies: Metal element, detachment, clear-headedness

Feng shui is not all about being over the top or overpowering. It is not just about getting the energy, it is also about harnessing this energy and making it useful for people. Grey is the most composed color in feng shui. Grey is the color that can bring calming and soothing energy to a place and help a person clear their mind about many different things.

There are specific areas in the house where grey is used best. They are the west, northwest, and northern parts of the house.
Use it in: Since this is a color that restrains and calms, it is best to use it in the meditation areas.
One can also use them in office spaces, for they promote professional understanding and a greater focus on the professional aspect and calm the office tension around.

Signifies: Water element, unknown, infinite knowledge Black is the color that symbolizes the night and the endless unknown. This is not a negative context in feng shui as it is in other traditions. In feng shui, the color black and what it represents is believed to add depth and definition to the whole structure. It also stands for securing knowledge and the promotion of knowledge pursuits as well.

Use it in: One can use black in the décor of the house, though painting the house black might really restrict the energy levels in the house. Hence, black can be symbolized through the decorations such as curtains, cushions, etc. One should certainly avoid using black in children’s rooms and also the bedroom.

Signifies: Metal element, innocence, purity, and beginnings
The feng shui color of white is something that represents new things. It also stands for purity, innocence among all the colors. Pure white space is a sign of new opportunities and good thoughts as well. It can really help in promoting the feng shui nature and the general chi around the house.

Use it in: White color is best used in living rooms and meditative spaces. Using them in the western, northwestern, and north-eastern corners of the house can also be beneficial.

Signifies: Wood element, strength, stability, and base
Brown is a color that relates feng shui with the natural world. It is associated with trees and plants and the good thing they stand for, such as their strength and their stability. It is also associated with the promise of prosperity, something that will allow people to lead a more luxurious life. Brown also signifies the growing availability of money and prosperity among people.

Use it in: It is certainly one of the better feng shui colors for the office. It can really promote the amount of money that comes into these places. Brown would also be really helpful in meditative spaces and at the entrance of the house itself. It would make sense for people to have some plants around in the house, or even a few trees, to integrate the natural phenomenon and elements of feng shui into their life, along with the color brown.

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