How to use feng shui symbols with colors?

Using feng shui symbols is quite an important way through which a person can represent their own energy and enhance their own existence. These symbols can also be used to represent a lot of different symbols in feng shui itself.

Integrating the feng shui colors with the feng shui symbols, one can really get a greater hold on the positive chi that they really yearn. This will be a combination of two important aspects of feng shui. The representation of both can be strong enough for a whole house and they will certainly attract positive attention from the people.

Here are some of the most important feng shui symbols you can use in various colors:

Plants: Plants have always been an important feng shui symbol. They can be used to represent the colors of brown and green- the wood elements. These are the ones related to prosperity and are capable of attracting a lot of positive chi towards the house. Plants can also be used to integrate nature into one’s living.
Flowers: Flowers, like plants, can be used to depict nature in one’s living. The plus point with flowers is that one can use these flowers for many different colors. They can be used to depict yellow, red, blue, etc.
Dragon: The dragon is one of the four celestial protectors according to the feng shui legend. Traditionally, this is a symbol that only comes in red, because red is the color that stands for strength and perseverance.
The mystic knot: The mystic knot is a really important symbol in feng shui. It symbolizes unending characteristics and stands for infinity. The mystic knot can be used to represent the combined powers of the colors white and red.
The Double 8: Double 8 is an important Chinese feng shui tradition. It is a double 8 figure that represents infinity. This usually comes in the form of paintings, so one will be able to use this to depict white, black, red-purple, etc.
Aquariums: Aquariums and live water bodies have special importance in feng shui. They represent the color blue and the water element. Since the aquariums contain fish, they can also represent some other colors, such as orange, red, black, etc.
Buddha: The Buddha is a really important symbol of knowledge and peace. The statues of Buddha in the feng shui tradition usually come in gold, representing the color yellow, white or black. They can really help promote knowledge and tranquillity in the house.
Now that you know the colors you need in your house, you can plan the d├ęcor of the house according to these color schemes and the symbols you can get.

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