What your face and forehead shape tell about you?


Round Face: They are known as water-shaped faced people. They have plump and fleshy face. They are known to be sensitive and caring. They are thought to have strong sexual fantasies. If you are looking forward for a long-term, stable relationship, these people will prove to be the right choice.

Triangular Face: These face types are usually related to a thin body and intellectual persuasion. They are considered to be creative and thought to have a fiery temperament according to the Chinese face readers.

Square Face: They are known as the metal shape face. These people are thought to have an intelligent, analytical and decisive mind. The face shape is associated with an aggressive and dominating nature.

Rectangular Face: signals some variety: they tend to dominate but with less force, often they get their way in politics, business, sports, being always balanced, sometimes ambitious, sometimes melancholic.

Oval Face: expresses a character somewhat balanced, sweet, charming even, in which case those individuals are often best diplomats, but also able to duplicate, women are often best artists. Sometimes they can be dangerous, but temperamentally are weak, often they are weaker in physical strength, sometimes underactive.


People with a straight forehead have a progressive way of thinking, in that they need to grasp the first concept before heading on to any subsequent ones. As a result, they may have been misidentified as slow when they were children, but turned out to be intelligent adults, albeit with slower reflexes. They don’t work well under pressure, such as with deadlines or tests, because they don’t like being rushed and must process information fully.

A sloped forehead indicates that a person is a fast thinker who might be impulsive in decision making, and who also has impatience with the straight forehead folks who tend to be a bit more thoughtful, and as a result, slower moving.

Curved forehead people hate to be hemmed in with restrictions. They are an artistic and creative bunch, and as a result, try to stay away from subjects that are math-oriented, such as accounting. This is an intelligent group of people, and geniuses tend to have curved foreheads.

A low and wide forehead shows an intuitive nature, endowed with natural skill and imagination. These people have a lot of spontaneity and often by their spirit will shine. They are more interested on impressions than the knowledge gained through study.

A little wide and high forehead well shaped eyebrows is the most desirable. It denotes prospect of permanent success.A square forehead shows honesty, sincerity. Straight eyebrows increase these qualities. Loosing forehead shows lack of intelligence.

Forehead with deep lines (wrinkles) it reveals those who indulge in contemplation and research. Head without lines show cold, selfishness, lack of empathy and sarcasm. Vertical lines (wrinkles) between the eyes shows the power of concentration.

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