Zodiac Change: From today to May 2020, these 4 zodiac signs, will have Shani Dev’s kindness

The zodiac sign of Saturn changes after every two and a half years. This is the reason why the shadow of Saturn starts on many zodiac signs. Saturn, again, arrives after 30 years on some zodiac sign. This time Saturn is reaching its zodiac sign from 24 January 2020 i.e., today, and for two and a half years, they will stay their. A special Raja Yoga named Shash is formed on this zodiac sign of Saturn. This will have auspicious and inauspicious effects on many zodiac signs. According to astrology experts, Saturn will have this auspicious effect on zodiac signs till May 2020. After May, Saturn will again be in retrograde and will retrograde till December 2020.

Due to this placement of Saturn, Shani Dev will be kind to the four zodiac signs. That is, the natives of Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus will have a positive shadow of Saturn. Due to this, these zodiac signs have good results in every work. There are five such zodiac signs on which Saturn will remain retrograde. So let us know which zodiac sign will be affected by this zodiac change of Saturn –

On January 24, 2020, Change of zodiac sign of Saturn will mark an end to the Sade Sati of Scorpio. They will get auspicious results as compared to earlier.

Capricorn :
With Saturn coming in it’s own sun sign, the might of the Capricorns will increase.

Virgo and Taurus:
From 24 January 2020, Saturn’s bed will descend from Virgo and Taurus. They too will now get relief from the wrath of Saturn.

Effect on 12 zodiac signs

Aries – job growth, income will increase
Taurus – Rajkripa, popularity will increase
Gemini – Interruptions in work, lack of coordination in household
Cancer – Sudden benefit, profit from common business
Leo – Success in lawsuit, freedom from diseases
Virgo – Yoga of purchasing land or vehicle, benefits from mother
Libra – Success in competition examination, interest in religious work
Scorpio – Increase in income, freedom from crisis
Sagittarius – Honor will increase, increase in accumulated wealth
Capricorn – Success in stopped work, family growth
Aquarius – traveling abroad, mental troubles
Pisces – Success in all things, increase in expenses

Tips for the auspicious results of Shani

  • Do not say abusive words to the employees.
  • Serve the poor.
  • Worship Shami wood.
  • Worship Siddhi Shani Yantra daily.
  • Do not consume meat and liquor.
  • Don’t lie.
  • Don’t do injustice to anyone.
  • Clean the banks of Yamuna.
  • Burn a lamp of mustard oil every Saturday on the peepal tree and keep cleanliness around the tree.
  • Keep your character clean.

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