How To Overcome Delay In Marriage

No one likes delay in marriage, especially when one really wants to get married. And though as so ‘called modern generation’ most of you might not worry about a small delay in marriage, but one can’t expect our parents to be as chill as we are about the same. So, here is when astrological remedies for delay in marriage in 2022 can help you.

Marriage, for some people, is like a dream that drove their childhood. These people have the location sorted, the dress sorted, and even the wedding menu sorted. But for all fair reasons, one can’t sort in advance the one they would get married to. And though with time one may find someone worth adding to their ‘sorted’ list, but again, not each one of us is lucky when it comes to love and relationship. But, hey, that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to live our fantasies and have that big fat wedding.

Delay in marriage isn’t due to your shortcomings. As per our astrologers, there are certain combinations in Kundli that could cause a delay in marriage. However, the bad effects of these combinations can be averted by following some simple remedies for delayed marriage. Putting them all here at once, here are 22 remedies that will help anyone overcome delay in marriage in 2022.

Astrological remedies for delayed marriage in 2022

  • Donate at a girl’s wedding – Do good and good shall come back to you. That’s karma. And planet Saturn is responsible for judging, awarding and punishing you based on your karma. So if you are facing a delay in marriage due to Shani dosh or the strong influence of Saturn, donate whatever you can to help a poor girl get wed happily. Many people perform this act of kindness without any reason. In Hinduism, helping a woman get married is considered one of the holiest things you can do.
  • Don’t waste the offerings to Gods – The tradition may teach us to pour milk over the Shivling, but that was when the world wasn’t facing issues like chronic hunger. As things change with time, one also needs to change the way s/he worship, God. Our astrologers suggest whenever you offer God food, make sure it never goes wasted. Donating the same food is one of the best remedies for delay in marriage in 2022 that you can follow. Even when you eat at home, try to never waste food as it is one of the worst sins you can commit.
  • Use more haldi in your diet – No points for guessing why you need to follow this astrological remedy for delayed marriage. Astrologers suggest that one wanting to get married should have haldi milk, chana daal, turmeric parathas, dal etc. more often. Adding a pinch of turmeric to your bathing water is also recommended. Apply a tilak of saffron and haldi after bathing.
  • Worship Durga Ma – If a girl’s marriage is getting delayed due to Rahu dosh in Kundli, make sure you worship Goddess Durga more often. This will help in finding a groom quickly.
  • Fast for 16 Mondays – Another remedy to overcome delay in girl’s marriage is keeping fast on 16 consecutive Monday’s. You must also offer Jalabhisek on Shivlinga. If possible, try to dress a little bit like Goddess Paravati when worshipping Shiva.
  • Chant the Gauri Shanker Mantra – The girls of marriage age must recite the Gauri Shanker Mantra – हे गौरी शंकर अर्धागिंनी यथा त्वं शंकर प्रिया, तथा माम कुरू कल्याणी कान्त कान्ता सुदुर्लभम् – This mantra will help the girl find her groom early.

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