Position Of Plantes For ChildBirth Prediction

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Position of planets situated in a child prediction Kundali would help determine whether the individual would be able to attain the pleasure of a child or not. Yogas are combinations of planets formed in a Child prediction horoscope are based on certain Vedic rules and principles. Here, we will try to elaborate on these principles through some examples.

  • If the 5th house Lord forms the Lagna or the Moon-ascendant is well-positioned and Jupiter is in a good position then you will have happiness from children.
  • If Jupiter is in a strong position and the lord of the Lagna is in the 5th house then it is a combination that gives an obedient child.
  • As per Vedic astrology, it is believed that if the lord of the fifth house is in its own sign and in aspect with an inauspicious planet or sukhesh or bhagyesh then it is supposed to be an auspicious position for a birth of a child.
  • A strong Panchmesh situated in the Lagna, fifth, seventh, or ninth house in a Kundli and not being afflicted by a malefic planet, then the individual will be blessed with a child.
  • It is also believed that if the lord of the Lagna is in the fifth house and Jupiter is strong in a horoscope then the child born to an individual will be considered to be a Karak.
  • Anyone of the planets Mercury, Venus, or Moon is present in the Ekadash then it gives the pleasure of a child. Also, if Aries, Taurus, or Cancer is positioned in the fifth house then also the individual will be blessed with a child.
  • Lagnesh or Navmesha present in the seventh house or in an exalted sign of the horoscope are considered auspicious for childbirth. Similarly, Jupiter in aspect with Lagnesha also gives fruitful results.
  • Lords of Kendra forming a Trikon are considered an auspicious Yoga for childbirth. Similarly, Jupiter, Venus, or Panchamesha in the ninth house also would give fruitful results.
  • If the fifth house from the Lagna lies in the category of Venus and Moon and is in aspect with them then the individual is blessed with more than one child. But, if there is an aspect or conjunction of a malefic or inauspicious planet in this situation it may create problems for the individual.
  • A child is born to an individual when panchmesh and lagnesh lies in the category of male planets and is aspected with them. The results are also beneficial when the Panchmesh is in conjunct with Rahu during the Antar-Dasha of Rahu.
  • If Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio is positioned in the fifth house along with the Sun, while Saturn and Mars are placed in the eighth house and ascendant house respectively, then the joy of parenthood gets delayed.
  • Similarly, when Rahu is positioned in the 11th house and the 5th house has no planet the person will have a child but after some delay. Also, if Taurus, Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio signs are placed along with the Sun in the 5th house or Saturn in positioned in the 8th house and Mars is placed in the Lagna then childbirth gets delayed.
  • As the fifth house is known as the house of children it is considered important for determining the child’s birth. The planet Jupiter is the karaka of the fifth house that provides the pleasure of child, respect, and wisdom. Thus, the fifth house is specifically used for determining the birth of a child. An individual having an inauspicious fifth house may be deprived of having a child.
  • Parivartan yoga between panchmesha and ashtamesha is considered to be an inauspicious yoga for childbirth. This yoga can have a significant effect on ancestral property entitled to the child of the individual. He would not feel satisfied with his own accomplishments. The health of the individual is severely affected by this Yoga.

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