Venus Transit in Sagittarius (Part 2)

Venus is deemed to be a feminine planet and it has the lordship of two zodiac signs namely, Taurus and Libra. Venus represents wealth, prosperity, pleasure, joy, attraction, beauty, youthfulness, love desires, and satisfaction from love in our life. It is also the contributor (Karak) for creativity, arts, music, poetry, designing, amusement, shows, glamour, fashion, jewelry, precious stones, makeup, luxury traveling, luxury food, and luxury vehicles. But on the other hand, it also shows Sanjivni Vidya, a hidden knowledge. The knowledge which we can only attain from Shukracharya.

Venus transit in Sagittarius is taking place at 17:39 hours on 5 December 2022 and signifies that one Guru is coming to the house of another guru, i.e. Venus is coming in the sign of Jupiter. They both have enmity with each other but both are gurus and learned, this is a good planetary position for many people like teachers, mentors, Dharm gurus, motivational speakers, and the people who want to finalize their decision of marriage. We can only be specific for the native by knowing the position of Venus in the natal chart.

The effect of Venus’s transit in Sagittarius will depend upon its placement in the natal chart and the Dasha of the natives.

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Venus is your twelfth lord and seventh lord transiting in the second house of the family, savings, and speech. So in this period, you’ll be very sweet in your speech and you will feel a deep attachment to your family and you would like to spend quality time with your loved ones. Even the twelfth lord transit in the second house will bring a lot of financial gains from the foreign land for Scorpio natives.

Natives who are working with MNCs or are in buying/exporting houses of luxury clothes, effects, or any other items related to Venus businesses will enjoy a good phase. This is a good time i.e Venus Transit In Sagittarius; to accumulate wealth and make new investments. If you were planning to start learning something in occult science like Vedic astrology or tarot reading it’s a very good time for that.

Venus rules the sixth house and eleventh house for Sagittarius natives and is now transiting in your Lagna/first house. This transit of Venus in your Lagna will make you focus on self-grooming and health betterment and will make you have a pleasant personality. People will be fascinated by your personality.

You will enjoy luxuries and comfort. You would be enjoying the company of influential people and spend a lot of time socializing with friends and social circle. With the Venus Transit In Sagittarius, you will get new opportunities to improve your income and financial gains during this time. The Venus aspect of the seventh house will keep Love and marriage-related matters blossoming.

Venus is a Yoga Karaka planet. It rules the fifth house and tenth house and now it’s transiting in the twelfth house of a foreign land, expenses, and losses. So for Capricorn natives who are in the export-import business or working in an MNC; you will get good results.

This transit of Venus is also creating a chance for foreign business travel and it will even prove beneficial for you. Love birds need to be a bit alert as some misunderstanding or ignorance can hinder your love relationship. As we all know the twelfth house represents losses so don’t spend your money on luxury and entertainment, prepare a proper budget and avoid unnecessary expenses during Venus Transit In Sagittarius.

Venus is a Yogakaraka planet for Aquarius natives; it rules the fourth house and ninth house for Aquarius. And the planet is now transiting in the eleventh house of financial gains, desire, elder siblings, and paternal uncle. This Venus Transit In Sagittarius will increase your luxury and comfort and your materialistic desires will come true. The eleventh house is also the house of friends and social circle, so during this time your image in a social circle will be in the limelight and you will spend a good time with friends.

From the eleventh house, Venus is also respecting your fifth house of education, love relations, and children so your romantic relationship will flourish, you will get happiness from your kids and the students who are in the creative or designing field can take full benefit of this transit for their growth.

Venus owns the lordship of their third house of siblings and the eighth house of mysteries and is now transiting in the tenth house of profession. This transit of Venus in the tenth house will make you creative at your workplace, you will also like to do some interior changes and beautify the place. There could be some sudden changes in professional life as Venus is your 8th lord.

If you are in any research field you’ll be benefited from Venus Transit In Sagittarius. From the tenth house, it is also respecting your fourth house so, it can be a good time to buy a new vehicle or any luxury item for your home, you can also spend some money on conducting some religious pooja in your house.

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