Venus Transit in Sagittarius (Part 1)

Venus Transit In Sagittarius is going to take place on 5 December 2022, Monday. Daitya Guru Shukracharya is transiting the sign of Sagittarius which is ruled by Devguru Jupiter. Sagittarius sign is also known as Dhanu Rashi in Vedic Astrology. It is the ninth sign of the zodiac circle. It is a fiery sign, both dual and masculine in nature. This sign signifies wealth, motivation, intelligence, and good luck. And Venus is the planet of unconditional love and extreme wealth is coming in this sign. How is this confluence going to bring change in the lives of each zodiac?

Venus rules the second house of family, finances, and speech, and the seventh house of life partner. Now it’s transiting the ninth house of drama, fatherhood, long-distance travel, pilgrimage, and luck. This is a good planetary position for many people like teachers, mentors, Dharm Gurus, motivational speakers, and people who want to finalize their decision to marry. Your spouse will bring luck to your life. For students, it’s a very good time for higher education. Aries natives will get the support of their fathers, Gurus, and Mentors. You may get inclined towards occult sciences during the Venus Transit In Sagittarius. You’ll have an inclination towards spiritual activities, pujas, and reading mythological scriptures.

Venus is your lagna lord and sixth house lord transiting in your eighth house of longevity. Expect sudden happenings, secrecy and hidden knowledge of facts. Venus Transit In Sagittarius will give mixed results to Taurus natives. There are chances that you could suffer from a urinary infection or some sort of similar disease.

Be conscious of your health and maintain hygiene and don’t indulge yourself in too much intake of alcohol or greasy food. If you were planning to start learning something in occult science like Vedic astrology or tarot reading it’s a very good time for that. The Venus aspect on the second house will provide a flood of cash flow and improve your savings.

Venus is the ruler of the fifth house and twelfth house and is transiting in the seventh house of marriage, life partner, and partnership in business. Venus Transit In Sagittarius of the fifth lord in the seventh house draws the scenario of love turning into marriage therefore Wedding bells can ring for those eligible for getting married. The twelfth lord in the seventh house shows that you may go on a long-distance journey or go on a pleasure trip with your partner during this period but still, the twelfth house represents losses so please take care of your partner’s health.

There is a chance for some people to strike a foreign deal which will bring you big profits. Partnership business will flourish. And Venus aspecting the Lagna will make you cheerful and loving. You will pay attention to your looks and transform into a pleasant personality.

Cancer Venus is a good planet with the rulership of the fourth house and eleventh house and now it is transiting in the sixth house. The house of enemies, health, competition, maternal uncle. So, during the transit of the fourth lord in the sixth house, you need to take care of your mother as some domestic classes can create health issues for her.
Immoral activities like secret affairs or extramarital affairs cheating on a partner may create a breakup in your love life and damage your image in society. During the Venus Transit In Sagittarius, you are advised to stay away from such activities in order to avoid such allegations. And don’t blindly trust anyone during this period as the transit of the eleventh lord in the sixth house will convert your friends into enemies.

Venus is the lord of the third house and tenth house for Leo natives and now Venus would transit in your fifth house of education, love relations, and children. Students who are in the field of design, arts, creativity, and poetry will be filled with creative ideas and will flourish during this transit. Lovers will enjoy the romantic time and the relationship will strengthen when Venus will Transit In Sagittarius.

Leo natives who have been planning for childbirth for a long time can get the good news during this time as Venus being the planet of fertility transiting in your fifth house will make you more fertile and increase the chances of conceiving. Overall it’s a good time for Leo natives.

Venus is a friendly planet for you. It governs the second house of wealth under the sign Libra and the ninth house of luck under the sign of bull which is Taurus. And now Venus is transiting in your fourth house and the fourth house represents your mother, domestic life, home, vehicle, and property.

This transit of the ninth lord in the fourth house in a spiritual sign of Sagittarius shows that you can perform some spiritual activity like hora and satyanarayan katha at your home. Due to Venus Transit In Sagittarius, you will enjoy your domestic life and enjoy the support and quality time with your mother.

You’ll also spend money buying some luxury items for your home. Virgo natives, you are advised to enjoy this time to the fullest.

Venus is your Lagna lord and eighth house lord, transiting in the third house of siblings, hobbies, short-distance travel, and communication skills. Venus Transit In Sagittarius will increase creativity in your writing skills, and communication skills so the people who are into writing, fine arts, and literature will be more creative during this time which will help you performing your work better.

Your relationship with your younger sibling will be good during this time you can even plan a sudden short trip with them and spend cherishing moments. But as Venus is also the eighth lord you need to be a bit conscious about the health of your younger sibling.

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