Mercury Transit In Capricorn (part 1)

Mercury Transit In Capricorn: As we enter February 2024, celestial energies take center stage with Mercury’s upcoming transit into Capricorn on February 1st at 14:08 hrs. Mercury’s influence, which is often associated with intellect and learning, is set to transform our cognitive world during its transit through the pragmatic and disciplined realm of Capricorn.

This Mercury Transit in Capricorn promises increased mental acuity, enabling a period of focused contemplation and strategic thinking. Prepare to embrace the cosmic interplay between the planet of communication and the steady forces of Capricorn as it unfolds a chapter of intellectual growth and structured discoveries.

Mercury Planet In Astrology

A strong Mercury may provide all the essential satisfaction in life, good health and a strong mind. A strong Mercury may provide the natives with all positive results with high success in attaining extreme knowledge and this knowledge may guide the natives with sound decision-making concerning business. Natives with strong Mercury in their horoscope may make them good and shine well in speculation practices, and trade. The natives may be flourishing extremely in occult practices like astrology, mystics etc.

On the other hand, if Mercury combines with a bad association of planets like Rahu/Ketu and Mars, there might be struggles and obstacles for the natives that the natives could be facing. If Mercury combines with Mars then the natives may be facing lack of intelligence and instead they may possess impulsiveness and aggression and if Mercury combines with malefics like Rahu/Ketu during thisMercury Transit in Capricorn, the natives might be facing health problems like skin related issues, lack of sound sleep and extreme nervous related problems. Such health problems may also arise due to lack of immunity. However, if Mercury is associated with benefic planets like Jupiter then positive results for the natives may get doubled concerning their business, trade and speculative practices etc.

Mercury as we all know is the significator for intelligence, logic, education and communication skills. When Mercury goes weaker, then there might be insecure feelings among the natives, lack of concentration, lack of grasping power, memory loss sometimes possible for the natives. When Mercury rises and gets strong especially in zodiac signs like, Gemini and Virgo then, natives may derive all fortunes in learning, develop their intelligence, shine in business and especially in business concerning speculation and trading etc.

Mercury Transit In Capricorn 2024 Zodiac Wise Prediction

Let us now look at the effects of Mercury Transit In Capricorn 2024 on each zodiac sign, as well as possible remedies:

For the Aries natives, Mercury is the third and sixth house lord and occupies the tenth house during thisMercury Transit in Capricorn. Due to the above, you may be able to gain immensely concerning your career during this transit. You may be pleased and gain satisfaction. You may be getting new job openings abroad and such chances may appear to be fruitful for you. You will be gaining recognition in your job for the hard work that is being done. But you might not be fully satisfied. You could be facing a change in your job. Also, there may be more travel for you concerning your career during this transit. You may be showing your intelligence in your job with the skills present. If you are pursuing business, then you may be in a position to gain good profits with support from business partners. You may be in a position to compete well with your competitors. On the financial front, during this month both gains and losses may be possible. But money gains may be present on an increasing scale during this transit. The scope for saving money may also be possible during this transit. You may be raising loans to meet your commitments. On the other hand, pursuing major decisions concerning your finances may not be fine. On the relationship front, during this month you may be facing a better relationship with your life partner. You may be exchanging sweet notes with your life partner. Your relationship with your life partner may be appearing as if you are made for each other. You may be in a position to build good rapport with your life partner and set cordial relationships. Health during this transit may be fine and there may not be major health problems. You may be having health problems like colds, coughs and pain in legs. Pursuing meditation and prayers might guide you.

Remedy- Chant “Om Namo Narayana” daily 41 times.

For Taurus natives, Mercury is the second and fifth house lord and occupies the ninth house. Generally, this phenomenon may give the natives more scope for development and success. During this Mercury Transit in Capricorn, you may be keen on enhancing and building your money prospects and also concentrate more on your fortunes. You may be lucky in your career, family and gaining a good amount of money. Furthermore, you may be going in for more travel during this transit and even foreign journeys.On the career front, you may be pursuing common principles and you may be pursuing these principles to gain good access concerning your job. You may get new on-site chances and such chances may be satisfying your wishes. You may be gaining promotions and special incentives which may be given to praising your skills. If you are in business, you may be more calculative in carrying out your operations to earn good profits. You may emerge as a fitting competitor to your competitors. Your ideas may be received well by your business partners. On the financial front, this transit may fetch you more money returns during this transit. You may be in a position to maintain a good amount of savings. During this transit, you may always be in the frame of mind of making more money and such thinking may empower you and make you grow to amass good money. On the relationship aspect, you may be in a position to maintain more love and bonding with more happiness. You may be able to exchange pleasant notes with your life partner and maintain the bonding. On the health aspect, you may be able to sustain and maintain fine health with more positive feelings. During this transit, you may not be having health problems.

Remedy- Chant “Om Budhaya Namaha” daily 21 times.

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