Mars transit in Aquarius (Part 1)

Read this detailed article on Mars Transit in Aquarius (7 April 2022) and understand how important it can prove to be for your zodiac sign. Mars is known to be a furious and masculine planet by nature. In a horoscope, planet Mars rules courage, confidence, and physical urge. Occupation wise Mars represents the military, soldiers, warriors, builders, engineers, and real estate businesses. Natives who are famous surgeons also have a powerful position on Mars in their horoscope. Mars depicts bravery, integrity, positive self-expression, energy, endurance, capacity, and control. It plays a vital role in our life.

Mars is all set to transit in the sign of Aquarius on April 7, 2022, at 14:24 where it will remain here till May 17, 2022; after that transit in the sign of Pisces.

Learn what the impact of Mars Transit in Aquarius is going to have on your respective zodiac sign:

For the Aries moon sign, Mars is the lord of the first and eighth house and is transiting in the 11th house of desire, income, and gains. This period will be favourable for the Aries natives as you will have a wonderful time with your team or colleagues. As Mars is your sign lord, this transit will give you major results. This is the time when you can claim your promotions, if due. This period is also very fruitful for the businessmen. Financially you may feel relaxed, but for a better position, you still have to work harder to earn and enjoy an extra source of income. Income from real estate is also indicated. You will see a rise in income and will gain victory over enemies. In personal life, relationships with family members will start improving. Elder Brothers may prove to be helpful in time of need. For lovers, this period is not so favourable, and there are chances of some misunderstanding in the relationship. Friends will prove to be helpful during this period. Marital problems may get reduced, and there are chances of some auspicious ceremonies taking place at home. Healthwise, you will generally feel happy and healthy both physically and mentally, but still, it is advised to exercise regularly to stay fit.

For the Taurus moon sign, Mars is the lord of the 12th and seventh house and is transiting in the 10th house of career, name, and fame. Careerwise, this period is going to be favourable as you will have the opportunity to prove yourself. This will be the moment to do something you are best at and make yourself shine. You will get your name, fame, and respect at your workplace due to the hard work that you have done in the past. It is advised not to underestimate your opponents and be cautious. Work should be on a smooth sail, and you are likely to succeed in all professional matters. Gains through hard work are expected during this time. Financially, this period will bring you gains, and you are going to invest smartly in this period. In personal life, you have to be a little cautious with your relations and do not let them get strained, and for that, you will have to be a bit more polite and patient. You may have to face some ups and downs in your family life, and there are chances that you may remain worried about the health of your family member. This is not a favorable period in terms of your love life either. Healthwise, there may be a Cause of concern because of overexertion, fatigue, and body pain. Hence, practice meditation and yoga to overcome health problems.

For the Gemini moon sign, Mars is the lord of the sixth and 11th house and is transiting in the ninth house of luck, religion, international journeys, and father. This period will be favorable for your income as your income will rise and new sources of bonding will come your way, and you will find a solution to all your financial troubles. There would be a special success in matters related to real estate. Careerwise, your opponents may try to harm your image; hence be cautious. In personal life, During this period, arguments or misunderstandings with your father are foreseen, and there are chances that your father may face some health issues. You can also plan a long-distance trip with Someone special in your life. Healthwise, problems like fever, fatigue or body pain may keep you worried. Hence to avoid all these feelings of disappointment and depression, you should meditate and practice yoga regularly.

For the Cancer moon sign, Mars is the lord of the fifth and 10th house and is transiting in the eighth house of the occult, sudden loss/gain, inheritance, and longevity. During this period, you may face some problems in your professional life while dealing with your seniors or colleagues, and you may also feel a lack of support from your colleagues and seniors at work. You may not be able to focus properly on your work which might create frustration in your mind. Financially, this period may be a cause of concern as you will not feel very secure financially; some of you may be planning to get a loan during this period. It is advisable not to invest in stocks, speculation, or movable assets during this period. In your personal life, your relationship with your spouse may not be cordial due to some misunderstandings and ego problems, and you may face some issues with your in-laws as well. For some of you, you may be forced to live away from your family temporarily. Healthwise, there may be some minor injuries from which you need to be cautious. Sportsmen should be extra careful and not be involved in any risky adventure due to overconfidence. Natives may face problems related to blood, urinary or piles-related problems.

For Leo’s moon sign, Mars is the lord of the fourth and ninth house and is transiting in the seventh house of marriage and partnership. Those who are into business or in partnership will earn profits during this period, and those who are in the job will get a promotion at their office during this period. There may be minor problems at the workplace, and professional life may get a little disturbed, and hence you need to keep patience as you may develop the tendency to pick up fights with your colleagues. Financially you may benefit from an investment, and during this period, your blocked money will get released. In personal life, your relationship will not be able to go well for quite some time, and you will witness a change in your spouse’s behaviour. They may remain annoyed and angry over something which may cause a strain in your relationship. You need to maintain moral qualities during this period and keep away from the person of questionable character. Also, keep distance from women/men who do not possess respect in Society. You would like to enjoy this time with your friends. Healthwise, your health will continue to improve, and you will be free from all health-related problems. However, your spouse may face some health issues during this period; hence take good care of your spouse.

For the Virgo moon sign, Mars is the lord of the third and eighth house and is transiting in the sixth house of debt, enemies, and disease. This transit will prove to be favourable as you will remain in full energy and enthusiasm in spite of any problem. New ideas may strike your mind, and hard work and efforts made in the past will give you rewarding results during this transit. During this period, opponents may try to harm your image, but you need not worry as they won’t be able to succeed. You will be focusing completely on your job, and you will work hard with full determination to achieve better results, and your seniors will be very happy to see this. Financially, this period will remain satisfactory for you as there will not be much profit seen in the investments made by you and hence it is advised to be patient and wait for the profit to come in the future. If there is any court case that is pending, it may be decided in your favour. In personal life, there may be some discord with the spouse’s health, and your mother should be taken care of. Apart from this, you will get appreciation and respect in Society, and you may be interested in participating in charitable activities. Healthwise, you may remain in good health but may suffer from some minor infection; hence take precautions beforehand.

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