Impact of Transits & Eclipse in May On The World

There is a negative indication of six transits in May month and lunar eclipse in the last period of the same month. Let’s understand it through the horoscope. If we analyze the horoscope of India, it is of Taurus Lagna and Cancer zodiac sign. At present, there is a huge impact of the Moon in India’s horoscope whereas Saturn’s inner impact will also remain there till May 2021. Here is the horoscope of India.

The movement of the planets in the month of May will affect India. In astrology, the retrograde motion of Saturn in the ninth house of India’s horoscope shall have ill effects on but also the world over. During this, not only there will be an economic crisis in the world but also, there can be a pandemic. However, the government can take some important decisions in the interest of the public during this time.

There can be terror activities due to the transit of Mercury, Venus, and Sun in Taurus during the middle of May month. However, the friendly countries shall stand by India in this crisis. There are chances of the demise of prominent personalities of India due to the conjunction of Sun and Venus in the Venus-ruled zodiac sign and the appearance of the lunar eclipse in Scorpio at the fag end of the month. Besides this, there can stringently blame those who are holding the nerves of India and it can be seen the world over.

The retrograde movement of Saturn, the lord of justice, and during the same period, the appearance of the lunar eclipse can create a situation of emergency and some tremors can also be felt.

Vikas Jindal

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