Sun Transit in Pisces (Part 2)

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The fire planet is associated with authority, command, power and self respect. The position of the Sun in the natal chart shows their personal attitude and approach towards things around them. When the Sun is placed well then it boosts a native with good command over situations and circumstances, when ill placed then it can make an individual lack confidence and personal power. It can also make a person ambitious and arrogant.

The Sun’s transit in the sign of fishes generally brings out the spiritual side of a being. An individual is into deep thoughts of the ocean and tends to be good at daydreaming. They are good at understanding others’ viewpoints and get connected with them easily. At times this placement of the Sun in the natal chart may also give mysticism. Let us find out the impact of this transit on various zodiac signs.

For the Libra natives the Sun rules their eleventh house of income and gains. It will be transiting from their sixth house during this transit period. At the professional front this period will be favourable for employed natives. They will have a strong hold and command on their work, which will be appreciated by their coworkers. The freshers who are searching for a job will get desired work profiles during this time. You will be ambitious and set high targets for yourself. Not only will you be focused on your goal but you will also work dynamically towards achieving them. If you have any legal issues then you can get them sorted during this period as the judgement will be in your favour. The business owners will be able to make a good space in their respective markets.This period is also favourable for the students who are preparing for the competitive examinations, as their fighting spirit will be high and they will be able to beat all the challenges during this period. The time is favourable if you wish to take a bank loan as the same will be sanctioned. At the personal front you will be high in energy and vitality, you will be able to fight from your illness of the past. You may be a bit quarrelsome during this time, therefore be careful while in a conversation with your dear ones, since you may land hurting them.

The Sun governs the tenth house of profession for Scorpio natives and will be transiting through the fifth house of entertainment, education, knowledge, love and romance.This period will be good for the freshers who are planning to start their set up. You will get good opportunities and support which will bring quick success. The business owners will introduce new creative ideas and strategies which will bring fruitful results. The time is potent to make good money from your hobbies and interests. Those who invest into the stock or share market will be able to do good business and make handsome profits. The employed natives may make a move or migrate to some other place because of work. The students will be passionate about their subjects and will be involved in studies actively. If planning for higher studies then this period will bring accomplishment. At the personal front, this period will not be favourable for the lovers as you may have arguments with your beloved. Your child will do something special which will make you feel proud. On the health front you will suffer from stomach issues i.e. acidy, gastric attacks and acute pain during this period. You are advised to be a cautious eater as your digestive system will be weak during this week.

For Sagittarians natives, the Sun rules their ninth house of fortune, luck and will transit in their fourth house of home comfort, mother, happiness and property. This period will be good for the business owners, especially those who work from home or in a family business. Your luck will favour you and you will bring expansion in your business. Also you will have complete support and assistance from your family members in your work during this period. The property dealers will get good clients and will be able to make outstanding delas during this time period. The employed natives will be busy with excessive workload and will neglect their family to complete your endeavours. The academic students will have a favourable period, they will be focused in studies and will score well in their examinations. At the personal front you will be concerned for your mother’s health as she may suffer from Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Heart troubles during this time. Also the peace at the home front will be disrupted due to the fights and misunderstanding between the members of the house. You will have an inclination towards religious subjects and will try to learn about mythological facts. You may also generate interest in occult science or astrology during this time period.

For Capricorn natives the Sun is not a very favourable planet, it rules the eight house of uncertainties and sudden things. It will be transiting from their third house during this transit period. You may make some short travels in search of work or because of your work profile, but the same will not bring productive results. The employed natives may have a forceful transfer during this period. Also there are probabilities of change in your work profile during this time period. Your willpower will be strong and you will face all the challenges strongly. You are advised to be careful while communicating at the personal or professional level as you will be straight and rude in your articulation. You will be interested in sports and aggressive exercises during this period. You will also be a fitness freak and will do gymming or power yoga to maintain your physique. You may face a difference of opinion with your father during this period and you will not be able to accept their sage words of wisdom or advice. Also your relationship with your younger siblings will not be very cordial during this transit period. You may have miscommunications with them off and on. This transit period will bring some transformational changes in your life at the professional front as well as in terms of your personal care and health. You will be more particular about yourself, despite all the disturbances and troubles you will be able to maintain good health.

For Aquarius native the Sun is the ruler of the seventh house of associations, journey and marriage. It will transit through your second house of wealth, immediate family and speech. At the professional front you may face some conflicts from your teammates. Those who are into partnership business will face ups and downs due to the difference of opinion with their partner during this period. Those who are into family business will face some tensions with the other members of the family, which will hamper the productivity of your business. You should be careful while making any decision pertaining to the business activities as there are probabilities of making a wrong one during this period. Time is potent if you are planning to make any major investments, as you will get fruitful results. You will be just and fair in your speech, this may make you appear rude and harsh. Your relationship with your spouse will be cordial and they will take good care of your family and the comforts of the members. The singles who are searching for their perfect match will find their soulmate with the help of their family during this period. You may suffer from throat and eye troubles during this period. .

The Sun is a friendly planet with Jupiter and Pisces is the sign ruled by Jupiter. During this period the sixth house lord will be transiting from the first house for Pisces natives and will bring mixed results for Pisces natives. This period will be favourable for the employed natives, especially those who are into government jobs. You will get new opportunities to prove your caliber however you may be a bit lazy to complete things well in time. You will be fortunate enough to get the support and assistance of your team members to complete your endeavours. Those who are into Banking, litigation, judiciary will have an auspicious period, there are possibilities of getting promotion during this period. Those who are into professional services will also rise and shine during this time period. You will be able to make a good and reputation during this time due to the works of your past. At the personal front you will be a bit arrogant and egoistic during this period and will not listen to advice and guidance from anyone. You will make some tough decisions, which may make you appear discourteous and ruthless. The married natives will have a tough relationship with their spouse as their over possessiveness will distort the peace and comfort in tehri married life. On the health front you are advised to be careful as you will be prone to heat strokes, fever and blood pressure issues.

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