Sun Transit in Pisces (Part 1)

Know about the impact of Sun transit in Pisces on March 15, 2022, and find out what changes will it introduce on a day to day lives of the natives of all the zodiac signs. The Sun is the king of the planets, it is the soul of a native as per Vedic Astrology. It is also known as the Karak planet of the Father. The fiery planet will test the water of the last sign of the Zodiac the Pisces. This combination of fire and water will happen on March 15, 2022, at 12.31 am and it will stay here until it moves into the next sign where it will get exalted in Aries on April 14 2022 at 8.56 am.

As per the astronomy the Sun is the natural source of light and energy on our planet Earth. It is also believed that life on the Earth may not exist at all if the Sun never lights it up. In Astrology, Sun is taken as one of the nine major planets whose influence brings big changes in the life of the individuals living on the Earth.

The fire planet is associated with authority, command, power, and self-respect. The position of the Sun in the natal chart shows their personal attitude and approach towards things around them. When the Sun is placed well then it boosts a native with good command over situations and circumstances, when ill-placed then it can make individual lack confidence and personal power. It can also make a person ambitious and arrogant.

The Sun’s transit in the sign of fishes generally brings out the spiritual side of a being. An individual is into deep thoughts of the ocean and tends to be good at daydreaming. They are good at understanding others’ viewpoints and get connected with them easily. At times this placement of the Sun in the natal chart may also give mysticism. Let us find out the impact of this transit on various zodiac signs.

The Sun will transit from the twelfth house for the Aries native during this period. This period is good for the students who wish to take admission to foreign colleges. You will be able to get through the institute of your dreams during this period. The students who are planning for competitive examinations will have an upper edge, they will be high in their fighting spirits and ambition which will bring success to them. There are possibilities of travel for leisure and fun during this period. The employed natives will get good command over their work. You will also win over your enemies and opponents. Time is favorable if you are planning to switch your job as you will catch hold of good opportunities. Any kind of major investment is not advisable during this period as you may land up losing your money. Your expenditure will be on the higher side, therefore, you are advised to plan your budget in order not to fall into deficit during these days. On the personal front, you are advised to be careful as you may face loads of fights and conflicts during this time period. Your relationship with your children may not be a happy one during this time. There are also possibilities for your child to fall ill. You will be a religious donor and will perform acts of charity during this period. You may face some issues pertaining to you trusting yourself or being confident about all your decisions.

The Sun will transit from the eleventh house of gains during this transit period. This time will be beneficial in terms of finances. You may earn from more than one source, there are also possibilities of sudden gain from unexpected sources. Also you may earn from some past forgotten things or stuck up things. There are good possibilities of converting your hobbies and interest into a profession, as you will make a handsome amount out of the same. Investing in property will bring good benefits. This period will bring uncertainties for the academic students, they will not achieve results of their hard work. Those who are into the family business will have a great time as they will make good profits and their strategies and new schemes will work to their benefit. Also, the property dealers and real estate agents will make good deals which will bring them handsome gains. On the professional front, you will make good connections, which will improve your public relations. Your relationship with your friends and siblings, especially the elder ones will not be very cordial during this period. You may have some heated up conversations with them, which may hurt them and bring distance in your relationship. You may face some issues pertaining to acidity and a burning sensation in your stomach. You are advised not to eat too hot or spicy food, also avoid ginger during this period.

For Gemini natives, the Sun rules the third house of efforts and strength and it will be transiting from their tenth house of profession. This period will bring successful results of your hard work and dynamic approach towards your endeavours. You will shine at your workplace and will hold good command over your work. You will be able to complete your tasks well on time and your organizational skills will be commendable. Those who are looking forward to transfer will have good news on their platter as possibilities of movement of place will be high during this period. Those who are in search of government jobs should try their luck during this period as chances of cracking the interview are bright. The government employee may get good benefits and incentives during this time. Also, your relationship with seniors and bosses will be profound. On the personal front your relationship with your siblings especially the younger ones will be cordial. They may help you in your endeavours or bring some good gains to you at the professional front. You will also plan to spend some time with them by going on a short trip or some casual outings. Your willpower and strength will be good and you will be commanding in your approach be it personally or professionally. You will gain popularity in your respective society during this period.

The second house lord of wealth, the Sun will be transiting from the ninth house of Cancer natives. This placement of the Sun is auspicious and brings good luck along with money if placed in a natal chart. On the professional front, this time period will increase your competitive strength and you will participate in healthy discussions and competition to prove your abilities. Those who are into business, especially family business will witness a successful period. If planning for expansion or introduction of some new strategies then the period is favorable, as your luck will support you in accomplishing your ambitions. You will invest in long-term projects during this period. Also, you will get favors from some highly authoritative people during this time. At the personal front this period will be complementing as you will get complete support from your family in your endeavours. Your relationship with your father and other father-ly figures of the house will be fantabulous. You may get some favors in cash and kind from your parental lineage. You will have a spiritual inclination and may visit religious places to quench your quest. You will also participate in religious and charitable activities or programs in your society. You will be generous in making donations as well. These acts will gain popularity in your community and you will earn people’s confidence. This will enhance your goodwill and reputation.

The rising sign of lord Sun will be transiting from the eighth house of uncertainties and mysteries. You may feel some hiccups and obstacles in your work during this period. Your task will keep getting delayed for no concrete reason or fault of yours. You may also face job insecurity during this period. Time is not favorable to make any changes in your job or career profile in general. Those who deal in speculative business like stock or share market are advised to be cautious as there is the possibility of major losses during this time. Those who are into occult science, mysteries, or astrology will have a comparatively better period. You will get some names in your field and will be able to build up a good client base during this time. Also, your predictions will fall in place due to which you will be in the hearts of your clients. At the personal front you will be anxious and short-tempered during this time. Your speech will be too loud and harsh during this period, which may be difficult for your loved ones to deal with. You will not be able to tolerate any mean or unjust thing. Also, you will be particular about your earnings i.e. not to make any earnings for the illegal or hidden resources. You may feel weak and low in your stamina, also some of your past chronic diseases might relapse during this time period. You will feel low in confidence and will be lethargic to take action against things around you.

The Sun governs the twelfth house of the Virgo natives and it will be transiting through their seventh house during this transit period. On the professional front, the business owners have to make some travel plans for work, however, they will not be very productive or fruitful. The professionals who are working in the corporate sector will have a hectic schedule as you will have a number of clients to handle during this period. Making a deal with them will be challenging as the client will be too demanding. Those who are working in a partnership business need to be a bit careful as you may face some distance due to traveling or communication gaps with your partner. This will have an adverse impact on your firm or business. The employed natives may face some issues with their senior management or employer, this will impact your reputation at the workplace. Also, it will hamper your productivity. On the personal front, you will feel irritable and will get hyper on petty things. Your relationship with your spouse will not be good. They may try to maintain a sweet distance from you, as they will get upset with your arrogance and egoistic behavior. Either of the partners may make a solo travel plan or with their respective friends in order to spend time away from the partner.

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