Sun in Scorpio

Scorpio is a fixed watery sign associated with passion and ambition having Mars as its lord. Both Sun and Mars are masculine fiery planets and are friends to each other. Despite this relationship, we should consider the fact that Scorpio is associated with 8th house which relates to death like experiences and sudden transformations. Native having Sun is Scorpio is a pool of emotions. These people have lots of feelings and mysteries buried deep within their heart. Such people are highly emotional and compassionate towards others. They are also prone to lying and a sense of unhappiness pervades their life. They are usually dissatisfied in their married life too. There is an inherent lust to indulge in arguments, promote quarrelsomeness. They are also quite unfortunate in terms of enjoying parental love.

Nevertheless, these are some of the most ambitious people with higher than average self-respect. They are quite cautious in their money matters and plan their expenditure wisely. These people feed on challenges. They have a hunger for success and thrive in demanding situations and positions. However, natives with Sun in Scorpio should exercise care in situations involving weapons and fire.

Strong personality, passionate, unequivocal, that makes life with him (or her) exciting and challenging at the same time.Partners suffer, but there is no relief from this experience, they all overflow at the heart. Everything is done with an enthusiasm. Scorpios emphasize their uniqueness, not willing to put themselves on the same level with others. The comparison with someone for Scorpios is offensive, so it is difficult to communicate with them. They are often disposed aggressively. They love to dig in their souls and feelings, which may develop extraordinary creative abilities. When they are interested in something, they do not save themselves, Scorpios spend their strength like no other sign.

Even if outwardly Scorpio may appear calm, his nights are often sleepless, in spite of the tedious days. Sleeping pills will not help here, as it is the effect of the internal stress.They know that everything has an end, and they do their best to resist.If someone in their presence is taking life easily, they are losing patience. Continuous fun can make them sick. The reaction there may be an abrupt. Their language – is rude and angry. Scorpios are able to hurt quickly and deeply, almost rudely they defend their opinions. They may either be admired, or totally not accepted. With their enemies Scorpios are cruel, ruthless, and they do not expect mercy in return. They are capable of deceit, may go for any risk. They can enjoy the amazing energy, especially if they are in a difficult situation. Scorpiod do not let anyone to look into their souls, always being controversial, thrilled, strained. If unable to find an appropriate partner, torn to pieces, but then find creative interests and harmony that previously seemed unthinkable.

At work, people should use their energy and courage, Scorpios are not afraid to do something that others will be scared of, so many of them are (for example) very good surgeons.They are interested in the mysteries – from the mysteries of the universe to the mysteries of the underworld (can be scientists, involved in the basic science, detectives, spies, and various researchers). They need a job that requires all their power. They are brave. They should be used where the skillful fighting is needed, as well as magnetism and passion that could save the stagnant deal or negotiation. But most likely they will not cope with the positions where decency is needed.

Vikas Jindal

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