Sun in Libra

Libra is a movable air sign and Venus is the planet that governs it. Sun is a masculine energy with fire element while Venus is a feminine energy with water element. Both these planets are enemy towards each other. Moreover, Sun is debilitated in the sign of Libra. Overall, this is considered a malefic position for Sun as it makes the person suffer and incur contempt of authority. Native is likely to come across a lot of frustrations and devastation in life. Heavy unwanted expenses often fall upon their pocket causing frequent financial issues. Sun in Libra also makes the native harsh, manipulative, jealous and immoral. At times, they can cohabit with others’ partners too. Such a person is sometimes too self-involved and cares for his own respect only.

This position of Sun also causes lack of immunity, loss of willpower and watery mouth. They do however like to perform others’ job and share responsibilities. But despite that, their work is not recognized. Their hard work does not beget the results they want. They have to struggle more than usual and fame doesn’t usually come easily to these people. Such a person likes to visit foreign places to relieve stress in life.

Libras are diplomatic, elegant, sincere. Libra’s behavior is always dictated by mind and intellect. With an abundance of feelings Libras do not allow passions to win up, trying to keep everything in a balance. With all their sensitivity, they still follow the culture of its manifestations. It is very important for them to form all their relationships right. Communication with them is pleasant and harmonious. Libras often love and develop art.They have a highly developed sense of beauty.The like to dress up stylishly. They love big celebrations. They do not like anything vulgar.

Due to the strong demand for harmony and sociability, Libras always create a good and healthy environment. They are usually easy and pleasant to work with.Libras are able to represent their company perfectly. The success of others does not hurt Libras, they just watch it to take an example. Only they do not like if someone belittles their dignity. Most Libras are naturally insecure, because they always see two sides at once and swing, trying to keep the balance, and they should be praised for this. But the authorities should be aware of Libra’s distractions – they do not notice little things, their minds are agile. Libras often lack of concentration. However, they immediately apologize for their mistakes . This is required by their sense of harmony. Libras are very adventurous, but in need of a good employees, because they can not carry the whole job through.They have a strong sense of justice. They work hard, especially after the age of 29.Libras always seek for knowledge and spiritual development.

Love is always the main basement for Libra’s union, because they always dream of some ideal. But Libras also like to flirt and this flirt not always necessarily leads to intimacy and does not mean that Libra is ready for something serious. The eroticism alone is not enough for the union – Libra needs a common interests and love for beauty. Absolute loyalty should not be expected, as curiosity is driving Libras forward, though in restrained and cultural way.Children of Libra will be brought up with the good taste and independence.

Vikas Jindal

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